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You Can Now Ask Google Maps Questions With New Q&A Feature

You Can Now Ask Google Maps Questions With New Q&A Feature


At the beginning of August we were collecting all the new features within the beta version of the new Google map services. Among them was the new question and answer section that will allow users to ask direct questions about a location so that others can answer them. Google has officially introduced this new feature.

Questions and Answers on Google Maps

When you look up a specific location you can read existing questions and answers, as well as ask your own questions in one area. The new Q&A feature works in Google Maps and Google search.

You are able to ask questions you need answers to, as well as answer any questions regarding places you have been to in order to help out other users. Google stated that the most recent questions and answers will appear at the top of the Q&A section so that the most useful content can be accessible and be read quickly.

If you are traveling somewhere and you are wondering where to visit, where to eat or any questions related to directions you can ask other users. Other travelers who have been there before will be able to give you answers to all of your questions. You can also consult the list of questions and answers already asked if someone has had the same questions and concerns as you.


In addition, Google realized that the questions and answers section was not only intended to be answered by users, but business owners can also add questions and answers. Google will also notify the business owner when a question is asked about the location and also other users who have responded before. When someone answers your question, Google notifies you as well.

This question and answer function reached the beta version of Google Maps in early August but has now begun to be deployed for all users. Both Google Maps users and Google Search users will have the questions and answers on their mobile phone starting today.


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