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Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Retail Box Leaked, Smartphone Launch Could Be Imminent

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Retail Box Leaked, Smartphone Launch Could Be Imminent


Xiaomi has had had a shaky last few years, but they’ve been trending up recently. Their Redmi 4 model was a full-blown success. In order to capitalize on the successful streak they’ve had recently, Xiaomi started making plans. Their initial idea was to launch the Redmi 5 model somewhere near the end of the year. The company has a notoriously strict leakage policy, so any rumors are just that.

However, this one came as a shock to the whole tech community. A picture of a rumored Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus was leaked on Twitter. Beforehand, there have been speculations about whether the Redmi 5 will even see the light of day. Now, the confirmed existence of the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus changed the entire outlook of the Xiaomi plan for the rest of the year.

In addition to these rumors, there have been speculations about a tri-phone package being released by Xiaomi. The Redmi 5, 5 Plus and 5A are all a possibility. We have no concrete evidence, but this is a piece of news worth getting to the bottom of.

In dire need of a makeover

Xiaomi was the third leading smartphone manufacturer almost four years ago. It was a great achievement for the Chinese company, to be sitting right beside Apple and Samsung. However, they simply did not have the tools to maintain such an existence. Xiaomi still has a firm grip over the Asian market, but they simply didn’t have the tools to break onto the more prominent market. Why is this case?

Well, the answer delves deep into sociology and culture. Western nations tend to have a more materialistic approach to device purchasing. They seek prestige and branding to reinforce their spending. They seek it as a justification and a means of social acceptance. Whereas in Asian nations, individualism is practically nonexistent. A phone purchase is there merely a means of getting a practical device for the best value.

Because of this, people in Europe and the United States weren’t interested and sales were plummeting down. However, Xiaomi didn’t give up. They analyzed the problem and assessed that the issue lies in their need for a makeover. Their latest models are an example.

Rearranging the puzzle

If you’re looking at recent events and models, a makeover is indeed present. Xiaomi’s phones – the Mi Mix 3 for instance, are significantly better looking. They metal encrusted appearances don’t make them seem like regular phones. In fact, they are much more. Xiaomi embraced the thin line between mid-tier and top-tier telephones and mastered it.

A good move was expanding the company and creating assembling facilities in Brazil and India. This proved to be great for a market keen on practical phones. However, with the Redmi 5 and the Redmi 5 Plus, things are bound to change.

What do we know about the Redmi 5 series?

The answer is – a lot, but it comes with the obligatory “but”. There aren’t any concrete pieces of evidence available yet. We’ve rounded up the existing, semi-possible rumors about the Redmi 5 series basic model. Keep in mind that the Redmi 5 Plus will receive the much better resolution, along with possibly more RAM.

The following data is the result of cross-referencing many insider speculations and confirmations. It looks like the basic Redmi 5 version will look something like this:

  • Three versions of storage size – 16GB/32GB/64GB
  • Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625/Qualcomm Snapdragon 630
  • A 16MP back camera with the following features – geo-tagging, touch focus, smile detections, HDR and more
  • A 5MO front camera
  • A rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, accelerometer, proximity, compass, gyro
  • 5.0-inch display, along with a 1080×1920 pixel resolution

What does the appearance of the Redmi 5 Plus even mean?

The bigger counterpart, the Redmi 5 Plus is rumored to have 6GB of RAM, along with an astonishingly bigger 5.7-inch display. The appearance of the bigger version adds a new element to Xiaomi’s business. It’s something they’ve picked from their competitors

The strategy of releasing two or three slightly different models at the same time is the one employed by Apple and Samsung, even Huawei. It consists of the power of choice – customers can pick between similar devices, with slightly different specs.  A sales rise is imminent, by all means.


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