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Will The Blackberry KeyOne Smartphone Include The Same Camera Sensor As The Pixel?

Will The Blackberry KeyOne Smartphone Include The Same Camera Sensor As The Pixel?


The BlackBerry Keyone is an interesting phone in every sense of the word. It will be the last phone BlackBerry will be definitely the last QWERTY phone under the renowned brand name.

They made a good move when it comes to handing over the phone manufacturing responsibilities to TCL. The Chinese brand is renowned for good hardware production, so we have high hopes for future projects.

There were features speculated and numbers thrown around, but we would like to focus on one piece of news that shook the tech world like nothing ever before.

The introduction of the Sony sensor on KeyOne’s rear camera is a formidable move that will surely cause both the popularity and the quality of Blackberry’s flagship phone to skyrocket.

What’s it all about?

What everyone’s talking about is the Sony IMX378, a very good 12-megapixel sensor that can very easily shoot 4K video. Google was highly praised for placing that same sensor for the first time in the Pixel devices, both the regular model and the XL version.

It’s definitely a great start for BlackBerry, as they want to reestablish themselves as legit players in the smartphone game. But there’s much more to a phone and a camera than a mere sensor.

A sensor is just one part of the camera. You also have the lens, which can be deemed as the most important part of all. It has the task of getting light and improving the general quality of photos and videos.

Other important factors are the stabilizers, which have an important role in all high-grade phones and the always important camera software.

What does it mean?

Word on the street is that BlackBerry is in a serious dilemma about the use of the front camera – they’re pondering between the Samsung S5K4H8 or OmnivisionOV8856. Both additions would be welcome to a plethora of promising possible features.

If they manage to combine a good sensor with a front camera able to record 1080p video at 30 fps, it will definitely bring BlackBerry in the game.

Getting back in the game is precisely what they wanted and with such an ambitious addition, they just might pull that off. A partnership with TCL takes off a big burden off of BlackBerry, allowing them to focus on just creating quality software and enhancing the existing Android with some excellent new features.

Models like the DTEK50 and the DTEK60 were all great pieces but were lacking supreme features that are, unfortunately, the main magnet for buyers these days. If the KeyOne manages to reintroduce a spectacular addition to an already solid phone, sales will skyrocket and future phones from BlackBerry will be even more competitive.

A Better BlackBerry is excellent news for all of us, as the competition on the market will grow. Such a change means that prices will go down and quality will go up.

This coincides with the existing change in BlackBerry company policy. Seeing that their features have become outdated in comparison to other manufacturers, they removed all high prices and installed reasonable ones in their place.

Boldness is an important characteristic in an industry as competitive as the smartphone one. BlackBerry successfully decided to part with their old ways and QWERTY trademark phones in order to be able to improve.

This powerful Sony sensor is a symbol of that boldness and we just might be able to see KeyOne or some notable top 10 or top 5 lists. Who knows, the anticipation makes the experience even more fun.

The prediction

We’re guessing that TCL will decide upon a quality lens and invest the majority of effort and resources to create a camera that is all-around stable and reliable. This will offset other features that may not be this spectacular.

Thanks to this, we will get a balanced KeyOne that will give BlackBerry just the info they need in order to improve their software and tech departments.

Although it may or may not be possible for the KeyOne to stand up to the bigger fish, it doesn’t matter. BlackBerry will see where they stand and the significance of this model will be to move their plans in the right direction. Patience is a virtue.


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