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Why You Should Keep Your Eyes On Motorola

Why You Should Keep Your Eyes On Motorola


Ever since the iconic flip phones started going out of fashion, Motorola has fallen behind when it comes to phone manufacturing. They just weren’t properly prepared for the smartphone age and were slow to implement useful innovations to their devices.

Nowadays, thing are changing and the people at Motorola are working hard to restore their once shining reputation. When it comes to their current devices, nobody could have expected such an amount of useful features.

Stability, reliability and stellar performance have become the new trademarks of Motorola.

Although they haven’t quite reached the top yet, it’s important to pay attention to them. With every new model, Motorola has shown that they belong amongst the smartphone elite. Let’s go a bit into detail about why Motorola should again be the staple of the phone industry and why will it be sooner than later.

Struggles give birth to improvement

Motorola has been on hard times a year ago. Their Moto X line hasn’t been selling that much, even though they’ve invested a lot in the brand and the concept.

Amazing technological improvements are there, but something just wasn’t right. There wasn’t any of that iconic flair that surrounded the manufacturer at the beginning of this century.

When Lenovo bought the company, they made a good decision to keep the brand’s reputation and crucial parts intact. Such a move paid off because Motorola isn’t any ordinary brand and they deserved to see their tradition intact.

It was a great pairing, to say the least. Motorola needed a trusted technological associate and a solid distributor. The extra financing from Lenovo and increased marketing opportunities were just what Motorola needed to return back to glory.

Lenovo needed help of their own. Technological excellence that Motorola has isn’t so common nowadays and they saw an opportunity to boost their own rating as well.

A reliable policy

While brands like Apple and Samsung feel free to impose their own unreasonable prices, Motorola decided to go down a different path. In order to find their own niche in the ever competitive and merciless market, they’ve managed to accommodate themselves to more than just nostalgic fans.

With excellent flagship devices at reasonable prices, they’ve managed to accomplish their goal. In order to maximize their revenue and increase popularity, they’ve mixed premium features and more than reasonable prices.

Take the Moto G5 for instance, it’s heralded by many as the best budget smartphone on the market. The moment you see the metal design, you realize it’s going to be something out of the ordinary. The 1080p display is something rare on a phone in this price range, but it’s a clear indicator that Motorola means business.

Everything from top to bottom on their latest flagships has proven us that we’re dealing with a very capable, revamped Motorola.

As the next example, we would like the point out the Moto E4 Plus. 4 GB of RAM and such a stellar device at such a price? They didn’t want to hold back on the innovations and useful features.

Fingerprint scanning and a larger battery all add up to one single word – victory. Yes, Motorola managed to overcome past troubles and come out victorious.

Quantity and quality

Many manufacturers opt for maximum three releases on a yearly basis. Motorola decided that this just won’t cut it and made a conscious decision to increase their choice of devices. Not only are they abundant, but there isn’t a test in the tech world where they don’t receive excellent scores.

You should keep an eye on Motorola because they are just the company that the future needs. They’re nearing the 100th birthday in a decade or so and they possess a will to innovate.

They make their phones available to the wide masses, not the select few. This alone shows that their policy is directed towards creating a better world, not just pumping up their revenue.

In order to see what they have in store for us in the next few years, we just have to be patient and we’ll see an even bigger revolution. Through the merciless and unforgiving ranks of the tech world, Motorola rose from the ashes and it’s walking towards the throne on a different path.


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