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Why You Should Have Two Phones Instead Of One

Why You Should Have Two Phones Instead Of One


When you really think about it, mobile phones essentially run the world and make things happen. For the vast majority of us, we don’t go anywhere without our phones, and most often don’t even let it out of our sight. For some, it’s a business tool, while others may use their smartphones to stay connected through social media.

What happens when your battery dies? It goes missing? Or you drop it on a concrete sidewalk or even the in the toilet?

A backup phone can come to the rescue at any moment, or simply make your day-to-day activities simpler and easier.

Here are 5 reasons why having two phones is so much better than just having one:

  1. Hang up on battery anxiety

Is there really anything worse than being out and about and your phone’s battery dies? Surviving even just one hour without a phone can make people panic. If you rely on your phone for work, you know the value of always being reachable and a dead battery is simply not an option. When you have a second phone, you don’t have to worry about being unreachable. It can be extremely unproductive to stop for up to an hour in the middle of the day to charge your smartphone before you can continue with business as usual.

  1. The choice is yours

The great thing about having two phones is the choice. If you can’t decide which model of phone to get, having two phones solves this dilemma? If you are thinking that this could be a costly exercise, it’s only as expensive as you make it. It makes sense to pick a phone that has all the functionality you require from a smartphone that is more top of the range as your primary phone. Then pick something a little cheaper, with possibly less functionality as your secondary phone. You can then even buy two different brands if you get stuck between Apple and Android.

  1. Split your priorities

Allocating one phone for work and one for personal use is also a great way to go. If you are the type of person that likes to leave work at the office and enjoy family time at home, then this is for you. You can turn off your work phone after hours to ensure you don’t get pestered by work-related calls or texts when you are off the clock. Some companies even provide their staff with dedicated work phones. These have restricted functionality or specific software installed for work purposes.

  1. Increase your privacy

Don’t want your company to have access to your personal device? Then have two phones. This way you can keep all work-related files, program, and information on one device. Also, your company can access it, should they need. You can then have your personal device for everything else, like your social media, photographs, music, and so on. Most companies that must you to have your own device for work purposes will install a variety of apps and policies to protect company data. These mobile device management solutions (MDM) allow IT departments to access the microphone or location software. It means they can see where you are at any moment and even eavesdrop on your private conversations. We can all agree that it’s not desirable and a little creepy too.

  1. Backup plan

Some people had the misfortune of dropping a smartphone and shattering the screen. This can be everyone’s worst nightmare. What do you do when you’ve dropped your phone and it is going to take a week or more to repair? What if it gets stolen or goes missing? Who can realistically go an entire week or even a day without their phone? The answer is few people, especially those reliant on their phones for business. By having two phones, you have a backup if something happens to one of them. It will come as a welcome relief to have a phone to fall back on.

Having two phones is clearly better than one. The cost shouldn’t be overwhelming since you should use phones and networks that fit your budget. You’ll be grateful at the end of the day to have a second phone to rely on when you find yourself without one. It can also be a substitute to avoid work talk on the weekends.


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