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Why Considering An Unknown Smartphone Manufacturer Might Be Good

Why Considering An Unknown Smartphone Manufacturer Might Be Good


You are probably aware who rules the smartphone world – Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG and so on. The ruling might be an overstatement, simply because these brands dominate the Western market.

We are so oriented towards that part of the world and towards reputable manufacturers. However, we forget that reputation starts from scratch. All the big companies have been unknown ones at a certain point and someone gave them a chance.

This is the same today, it’s just that the market is more competitive. Innovative manufacturers are behind every corner. Each of them might become the next big thing, but we can never be sure if we don’t give them a proper chance. In order to do this, we have to be a little more adventurous.

Being adventurous has its benefits, especially when it comes to smartphone manufacturing. Choosing an unknown brand has its risks, but it is a great move and an awesome experience.

Here’s how a move like that can change your outlook on the whole market. Let’s list some of the important qualities and the manufacturers that represent them.

Ethical sourcing and employee treatment

Every big company has given itself to outsourcing. Samsung, Apple, and other companies aim to create factories in low-standard areas. That means that they have to pay much less than in their home countries.

This leads to worker exploitations, limitation, and disrespect of rights and just straight up slavery. Many of the parts from famous manufacturers are a result of near-slavery.

Unknown companies don’t have such a luxury and choose to establish themselves near home. Take for instant Fairphone. This British company is famous for restricting their phone to only ethically sourced materials.

It takes a bit longer to deliver the devices, but you know that the process is legitimate. Workers are paid excellent wages, resources are conflict-free and there are no human rights breeches.

Strengthening local brands and helping your community

If you know of a local manufacturer, there are many reasons to help them by purchasing one of their devices. Firstly, you strengthen the local economy. If you buy a phone, other people will see it and want to buy it too.

The marketing and availability will increase and the company will be more and more successful. This will lead to more jobs, better life and a quality life standard like never before.

Pulling off such a move will be challenging to you at first. The phone may or may not be good at first, but you will gain valuable experience from it. As more and more people will be buying it, it will become cheaper and the quality will be better.

If the project fails, doesn’t matter. You gave it chance and who is worthy of a chance if not an up-and coming company?

A first taste of innovations

Unknown companies may not have the resources to pull of premium quality specs just yet. Their main goal and tool are to be innovative. Grabbing attention by doing something that has never been done before is a great way to kick start a project.

If you put trust in an unknown brand, you are much more likely to get an innovative set of features. They invest in that segment much more than famous brand.

Take for instance the Yotaphone Company. They made headlines with the dual display option. In order to save battery, they’ve cleverly thought of placing an alternate e-link display.

It’s not as spectacular, but it works with Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and other apps that usually take the most time off of our days. Such things may catch on in the future and you never know who might be the beginner of a trend.

Good for being on a budget

While the most famous companies may dictate the prices, the lesser known smartphone manufacturers cannot. It might prove to be the deciding difference if you are in need of a smartphone. All the excellent features don’t mean anything if people can’t afford the phone.

Lesser known companies offer more reasonable prices. That way, you can equip yourself with an excellent device for much less money than usual. Sometimes it’s all about the price-to-performance ratio and there is no better player in that game than independent companies.



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