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What’s the News on the Latest Apple Watch Series 3 – LTE and Much More

What’s the News on the Latest Apple Watch Series 3 – LTE and Much More


Apple Watches have always been a tricky project, ever since their arrival on the tech scene. It’s been a unique and perplexing idea that tried to fuse features with functionality. To this day, it says that Apple has managed to put their ideas into reality. All this is a result of gradual improvement in the number of features available.

After the new series and launch of the Series 2 people got ecstatic. They adored the added GPS and waterproof features. As it is with every gadget, people start speculating right away about the next upcoming model. Rumors began swirling and we’ve gotten quite a lot of info about the new Apple Watch. That’s why we’ve decided to go a little deeper and analyze the contents and the rumors, whoever they may concern.

Introduction of LTE                                                     

LTE has been the standard for wireless internet transmission for some time now. It’s only fitting that Apple introduced it. This not only improves the quality of the signal in the first place, but it carries much more weight.

What’s interesting is the choice of Intel as the modem manufacturer. This heats up the already sizzling competition between Intel and Qualcomm.

Introducing LTE means that the Apple Watch should be able to function without the iPhone from now on. Until now, you had to have the iPhone in the vicinity to get the full features of the watch.

Although this news is beneficial and brings great joy to the tech community. But, there are still questions that have no answers. Will they choose to sell models both with and without the LTE feature? Many experts think this might be a real possibility. If it turns out true, Apple might charge more for the LTE Watches, a premium price that gives justice.

There might also be data plans involved with the Apple Watch, for the first time. On activating this service, carriers and companies might start treating it as a mobile device. It will get more sales.

Another question concerns the battery and the length of its life. How can a device that stays without charging for less than 24-hours withstand a cellular service? Discussions are on hold. Yet, we’re sure that the Silicon Valley giants will bring improvements in that department as well.

What’s with the Slimmer design bracelet?

Apple has always been a synonym for style and class. No matter how stylish it is, the Apple Watch faces criticism as the least classy Apple device. According to recent rumors, that claim is about to take a big hit. A slimmer design with a reinvented bracelet is on the way.

It is a big deal, as it will allow the watch to fit into much more outfits, allowing Apple to breach the tech barrier. Not everyone has the honor of having their gadget becoming a fashion accessory. If someone can pull it off, it’s Apple.

This may also be the sign of a hardware change, as the insides will be a little bit rearranged, we presume. The Series 2 was already an ambitious project and this might be a worthy successor.

What lies in future?

Rumors are that a plan has already been implemented and Apple intends to make the big reveal in September. This news will team up with the new iPhone models. Given the rise of Samsung and LG this year, a triple-reveal is what Apple might need to keep the competition exciting.

If we’re guiding ourselves using this logic, then a spring release might be a real possibility. Apple has a tough leakage policy, so we always find out the info in the nick of time.

Other conundrums

Another question is also circulating, the ever-present price problem. Apple always releases premium products, but boast a not so good price-to-performance ratio. If they somehow manage to correct this flaw, the customers will see a new dawn for the legendary company.

Also, wireless headphones are also a circulating rumor. While they do exist with the iPhones 7 and 7S, we have yet to see the point or the purpose of it existing alongside the Apple Watch.


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