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What Did Apple Discuss At The Launch Event September 12th?

What Did Apple Discuss At The Launch Event September 12th?


Ever since the announcement, we knew that this launch event will be special like none before. The venue itself is something to behold. The Steve Jobs Theater met every expectation and ripped open a black hole in Silicon Valley. It was also special because of a number of things discussed.

It’s not unusual for Apple to discuss many things at once, but this time it was different. There were more things and innovations than ever before. Not only that, but most of them were announced a long time before the actual event.

The removal of the shroud of mystery is a sign of a policy change for Apple. Many critics and customers have criticized them for this, so it’s a good sign that they’re moving upwards.

With the chaotic event behind us, it’s not so good to wait for the dust to settle. The best thing to do is to settle the dust ourselves, isn’t it? Let’s dig into the contents of the most highly anticipated launch event in tech history.

iPhone 8

Phil Schiller stated that the iPhone 8 is a huge step for iPhone and Apple in total. We’re not so sure what he meant by that. It’s a huge step for Apple’s design team, sure, but the phone itself isn’t filled with innovations. The differences between the iPhone 7 and the 8 are minute in comparison to other models in the past. It starts at $699 for the 64GB version. The plus model will cost you $100 extra.

It features an all glass outside, with a slick, revolutionary in-house GPU. Apple severed their ties with Imagination Technologies and started making their own. The A11 bionic and the dual camera are all good, but most of the phone didn’t meet expectations. However, there is a feature that shook Silicon Valley to the ground.

Wireless charging

It almost seems as if the iPhone 8 announcement was an excuse to reveal the new Apple feature. Both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will support the Qi wireless charging standard. This means the USB jack is sentenced to slow and excruciating death at the hands of Apple’s tech team. But wait, there is more to it…

The Qi charging standard is an integral part of IKEA furniture nowadays. Numerous are the times when you fall asleep and leave your phone low on battery on your bedside table. From now doing that means legit charging. Your iPhone 8 fell through the couch? Leave it be, it’s charging anyway.

iPhone X                                              

We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know it will be this spectacular. It’s the most elegant device to date, judging by the all glass exterior and a screen that takes up the whole front. It’s an OLED super retina display and it stands at 5.8 inches.  $999 for a 64GB version is not too bad.

It doesn’t have a home button. Instead, you reach the home screen by swiping from the bottom. You can also multitask by swiping and pausing. Also, say goodbye to TouchID. It’s been removed and Face ID has been placed instead of it. It functions using seven small sensors in the selfie camera. The best part, you ask? It works in pitch blackness, too!

Apple Watch Series 3

Say hello to cellular service on your watch. The best part of this new model is the power of choice. Apple chose to release two versions – a cellular one for $399 and one without it for $329. It will carry the same number as your iPhone, as well as music streaming options. If you have a series 3 watch, whatever plays on your phone can play on the watch too.

Various software updates

iOS is the most significant one in this group, and it will be implemented on iPhones and iPads. With a sexier design and better functionality, it may even broaden Apple’s customer body.

macOS High Sierra comes as the low-key update for the company’s Macs. The focus is on performance changes and under the hood tweaks.

watchOS 4 is a great addition for fitness enthusiasts. Workout features are more abundant than ever and Siri comes with a new watch-specific face.

tvOS 11 is no big update either. You get a dark mode and a cool Home screen sync option. You will be able to retain an ultimate Apple home screen for each and every device. Not bad.



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