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We might have just been given a sneak peek at Nokia’s new smartphone

We might have just been given a sneak peek at Nokia’s new smartphone


In 2017 global smartphone production grew by a staggering 6.5%. According to TrendForce, these numbers are expected to drop in the coming year. This is apparently because the cost of production will increase, thus impacting the bottom line of many smartphone companies. With this in mind and considering the fact that the smartphone race is still being waged, it will be quite interesting to see what will happen when Nokia joins the race.

Nokia is a Finnish tech giant that was founded in 1865. In 2016 its reported annual earnings were estimated to be around 23.6 BILLION euros. This will come as no surprise if we consider the fact that at a stage almost everyone had the infamous Nokia 3310. Since then the telecommunications company has played an enormous role behind the scenes. It has been central to the development of GSM, 3G, and LTE. Apparently, it is also currently involved in 5G development. While it has proverbially ‘stayed in the game’ when it comes to smartphones, it has not managed to compete with Samsung who is currently the market leader in Smartphones. But, could this once more be the year of the Nokia?

In prior months there were rumors that HMD Global was preparing to launch their new smartphone. The Android Go smartphone is called the Nokia 1 and is supposedly going to be announced in March 2018.

With flagship models like the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note8 being released, why then is another new smartphone entering the market causing such a stir? Well, in true Nokia fashion this new smartphone will not only be technologically advanced but, rumor has it, it will be one of the most affordable smartphones that the company has ever released.

If you are one of the people who is absolutely thrilled by the prospect of a new Nokia smartphone and cannot wait to see their product, then it is your lucky day. A user on Baidu has recently leaked images of what appears to be the Nokia 1 itself! The user posted a few hands-on images which showcase a few features of the phone. The first thing you notice is the polycarbonate body which is framed in metal. This summons up memories of the Nokia bygone days, leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind that this device truly is part of the Nokia family.

On the back of the phone, there is placed a camera sensor and LED flash. These both run vertically along the center. These are the only visible features of the phone. When it comes to specs, we are plunged back into the rumor pool for information. The screen is apparently going to be HD 720p but the size itself is not known. In terms of hardware, the Nokia 1 is thought to have a Snapdragon 212 chipset, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory.

The fact that this smartphone will run Android Go is basically a given and it will apparently be utilizing the Android Oreo OS. This speaks volumes about the phone. Oreo OS has a light version which was launched for low-range devices. Google did this in an attempt to supply these users with at least some of the features which came with the new OS. The fact that Nokia’s new smartphone hosts the full version is reassuring.

While these are mostly speculations, we do not have that long to wait to hear the truth of it. In February 2018 the Mobile World Congress tech show will take place. It is expected that Nokia will present their new smartphone to the world here. This not only provided the company with a global platform, but it also fits the speculated timeline. The Nokia 1 will hit the market at about $100 a piece. For those die-hard Nokia fans out there, the wait is almost over.


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