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WD My Passport SSD Review

WD My Passport SSD Review


You may know the WD brand for their orientation towards hard drives, but that trend has changed. Due to the dying out of hard drives and the rise of solid-state storage, WD decided to invest their efforts into the always exciting field of portable storage. The first wave from them included an entire range of internal SATA and PCIe SSDs, with more plans for a market takeover shortly. One of such representatives is the WD My Passport model.

Even though the SSD industry deems to be a part of niche category regarding technology, it’s one of the fastest rising as well. For people who value speed and reliability more than anything else, buying an SSD is a dream comes true. In an overcrowded market, it may be tough to find an ideal solution, but WD comes out pretty strong with its My Passport model. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of this device and how did it perform in various aspects, both internal and external.

The design

What caught our attention first was the seemingly perfect rectangular look this device sports. It has become a staple of the SSD industry, with a strong emphasis on sleek design that can withstand all the daily hassle of putting the device in and out of your pocket. The hard angles on the sides are a significant advantage, mostly because they facilitate gripping the device while not seeing it.

Something that might not be normal to some people is the tall build, which is unusual for contemporary SSDs. Moreover, it’s important to note that the My Passport is much light that its competitors, standing at 40g. The real colors are symbolic. While one half is in black plastic, the other is in full-on silver metallic color, something that might be an eyesore at first, but grows on you later on. One downside can be that it has only one color option.

It also has two USB type-C plugs on both ends of the device, making connectivity much easier. A type-A adapter has been included as well, which is something that many companies don’t do.

Specs, features, and performance

SanDisk SATA 3.0 M.2 is the name of the module that WD choose to implement in this device, which isn’t all that surprising, given the fact that all the latest models use it. It’s a definite testament to WD’s intentions to conquer the market and rule it with an iron fist. For My Passport, there are three options – 256 and 512 GB, plus a 1TB one.

Due to the inclusion of the USB 3.1 Gen-2 hardware, there is a theoretical possibility that this device can reach speeds of up to 10Gps. However, in reality, this is entirely impossible, as we don’t have the sufficient technology for such endeavors. Speed is rated at up to 530Mbps, which is more than satisfactory in comparison to other present-day models.

There are indications that it might perform slow connected to some laptops. However, these cases were so rare and isolated, that it’s hard to pin the blame for slow read and write speeds onto the SSD itself. Through further testing, we might reach a viable conclusion.

A lovely option is that the software included isn’t mandatory and that it doesn’t clog up the SSD. Additionally, we must add that the software is helpful. You can check for errors or format the device, as well as add 256-bit encryption to the invention using a complex password. A downside is that you may never recover your data if you forget it.


While the value for money is excellent, there are some worries about the software and read and write speed. This may be isolated incidents, but we are yet to see the truth. The design, speed, and packaging are all exquisite, making My Passport an excellent option for an SSD.



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