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Waylens Secure360 Dash Camera For 360 Degree Car Protection

Waylens Secure360 Dash Camera For 360 Degree Car Protection


The use of dash cams (or dashboard cameras, if you will) is becoming a popular if not necessary addition to motor vehicles around the world.

Whether you drive a lot for work, are an Uber or taxi driver or find yourself driving in great amounts of traffic from day-to-day, a dash cam is an absolute must-have in your vehicle.

Many businesses make use of dash cams to keep an eye on their drivers, as well as protect their drivers in case of an accident that was not their fault. Uber drivers use them for security too, in case of unruly and disorderly passengers.

Dash cam footage can also prove to be great evidence for insurance claims relating to your vehicle. They simply give us peace of mind when out on the roads.

Dash Cam Dilemmas

The problem with dash cams, however, is that they generally only capture footage in one direction, whether wide-angle or not. In order to capture various angles, you would need a number of wide angle cameras.

Struggle no more and say goodbye to these dash cam struggles! The Waylens Secure360 Dash Cam is about to solve this problem and taking your peace of mind to a whole new level.

Introducing the Wayles Secure360

The Secure360 dash cam, will let you do more than just record inside the car or the road ahead of you, but rather capture a complete 360 degrees inside and around your vehicle.

This gives you all the sides to the story, while driving or parked. It works just like a regular dash cam, only in a full 360 degrees.

The Secure360’s Features

The Secure360 can be mounted to the windshield, as with any other dash cam, and works just the same while you are driving. Additionally, it is equipped with GPS functionality for speed overlays or to detect if you are in an accident.

When parked, the dash cam goes into a sleep mode, using low-power sensors which include GPS, radar, and a 3-axis accelerometer, to track the car’s surroundings.

If it is triggered by an unusual event, the camera will turn on and begin recording. For example, if someone is vandalizing your car, it will detect the movement and begin recording.

It will upload the video automatically using the camera’s built-in 4G capabilities and send a notification directly to your phone.

This dash cam consists of an all-glass, 7-element lens to continuously capture footage. Once powered-on, the Secure360 will stream the recorded video directly to the cloud for immediate storage.

Once this happens, the system will deliver a notification to the user’s phone, via the Waylens app over a Wi-Fi connection or 4G LTE connection.

In terms of battery life, the company promises that this new addition to the market will boast 360 hours or about 15 days’ worth of battery life between charging sessions. In addition, they promise that the new dash cam is easily installed through a simple 4-step process.

Get Your Hands on the Secure 360 Dash Cam

You may be wondering where you can get your hands on this incredible piece of technology and how much will it set you back. Well, you can reserve them on Kickstarter, but bear in mind that they are only currently shipping within the United States.

You will need to use a drop shipping service if you are located in Canada to get your hands on this beauty.

The dash cam is retailing for USD $199 for the Wifi version and USD $299 for the 4G version respectively through Kickstarter.

Moving Forward

Are you a paranoid driver? Well, the Waylens Secure360 Dash Cam could just be your new best friend out there on those daunting roads.

Are you an Uber driver? Or own an Uber vehicle and trust that your driver is safe? Does your company employ a full-time driver that is always on the road? Then a Secure360 dash cam is the solution for your ultimate peace of mind.

While there are a number of other companies bringing out their own versions of a 360-degree dash cam, you will not find another one as aesthetically pleasing to the eye and simple to install and use, as is the Waylens Secure360.


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