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Vivo V7 and V7+ Review

Vivo V7 and V7+ Review


Ever since their inception, Vivo have been determined to make ambitious moves that will set them apart from the currents trends. The V7 and V7+ are steps in the same direction, according to first impressions. The Chinese company has more style with every release. Each device is a bigger treat for your eyes than the previous one.

The V7 and V7+ are similar in design, just as the V5 and V5+ were too. With the official yesterday, our collective imagination has been satisfied and the anticipation wasn’t in vain. Of course, the biggest innovation will be the 24 MP selfie camera, but there’s more to it.

Both devices are well armed, as the Chinese manufacturer aims for a full blown assault on the always lucrative Indian market.  Let’s get to know the sibling phones a little bit better. You’ll know what to expect and how magnanimous the changes really are.

The screen and the camera

When it comes to the V7, it features a grandiose 5.5-inch screen. The display is perhaps the most powerful and most significant trait of this model, coming in at 1080p in Ultra HD.

The V7+ is for those who like bigger things. The 5.99 inch screen is surprisingly not too much and allows the entire phone to fit in your hand almost perfectly.

A low-bezel area is also a significant improvement after the V5 and V5+. Saving space is now a priority in the smartphone industry, along with getting additional style points for the better screen-to-body ratio.

It’s only fitting that we commit to the hottest feature in the last few months – the 24 MP selfie camera. Both phones will have an Ultra HD 16 MP main one, which is a solid feature to compete against most back-camera oriented phones. The trend that the selfie camera is bigger than the main one has appeared only recently, but it will catch on as time passes by.

Vivo prepared the selfie camera very well and didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Along with the new stability, features is an innovative Moonlight Glow flash. What separates it from other flashes is less light but in a more natural manner. It also has the Face Beauty 7.0 enhancement software, along with Portrait Mode.

Will the camera innovation make the Vivo V7 and V7+ the best selfie phones on the market? Stat-wise, they don’t have much competition, but it all depends on how well the models catch on.

In comparison to previous attempts at making the ultimate selfie phone, both the V7 and V7+ have superior clarity and natural feel. Having a strong camera can always affect how natural the picture is. Judging by initial looks, Vivo has solved this problem.

The specs and the software

Android Nougat 7.1 will be included on both devices, along with a significant lack of apps. This is a very wise move, given the fact that “stock Android” is becoming more popular and more sought for. Nothing is better than seeing an excellent software choice to balance out even more impressive specs.

A wise choice is also the decision to release both phones with only 64 GB of internal storage. 16 and 32 gigabytes would have been useless with the size of the high-quality photos. You won’t be limited by this number either, as you can add micro SD cards of up to 1 TB. Such a combination is crucial on the road to transforming your phone to the ultimate selfie camera.

The only thing that’s a little bit worrying is the slow startup. We hope that it’s just a temporary lag because of how new Nougat is, but we are yet to see if it’s going to be resolved anytime soon.

Another knock on both models is that the battery isn’t removable, nor is it very strong. 3225 mAh of battery power just won’t cut if you intend to use all the amazing features, all the time.

That part may be a little underwhelming, but it doesn’t damage the supreme quality of this phone too much. What makes the grade a little better is the fast charging time.

You can’t have everything, but this just may be the most ambitious step towards selfie supremacy. With the introduction of Android 8.0, we may see even more improvements. Stay tuned.



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