Home Carrier Videotron Launches VoLTE For iPhone And BYOD Customers In Canada
Videotron Launches VoLTE For iPhone And BYOD Customers In Canada

Videotron Launches VoLTE For iPhone And BYOD Customers In Canada


Last month (October), Videotron tested its VoLTE (voice-over long-term evolution) calling feature for the very first time in Quebec and now it looks like the test from the Canadian telecommunication giant was successful as the VoLTE service has gone live in the city.

This news came after the company updated VoLTE page on its website. The new VoLTE feature will currently work for BYOD (bring your own device) customers and for those that are making use of compatible iPhones.

According to the company, VoLTE will now allow users to make HD calls over LTE that is made possible only because of the wide band audio support. However, Android users have to wait a bit as this feature is currently not available for them.

Enabling VoLTE on iPhone

Those who want to enjoy the new VoLTE feature needs to have an iPhone 6 or above and a VoLTE SIM card. The company says if someone is not sure about the eligibility of the feature, he/she can check the information on their device section in the Customer Centre to check whether they meet the requirement or not.

In case if someone is not sure then it may be worth contacting Videotron to find out whether he/she is eligible for VoLTE or not.

To check your own status, follow the steps given below:-

  • Open Settings
  • Click Cellular
  • Click on Data Options
  • Enable LTE – In case if voice & data is off, tap the option to turn on VoLTE

The company also comes with a tweet that shows VoLTE now works on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


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