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Underwhelmed. Fitbit Leaks Disaster: Not So Smart Fitbit Watch

Underwhelmed. Fitbit Leaks Disaster: Not So Smart Fitbit Watch


Nobody’s heart is racing – Total flatline

Do you wear a fitness tracker? Do you wear a watch? Do you own a smartwatch? Fitbit is the market leader of this new tech trend and there has been a lot of excitement growing over the launch of the new Fitbit Watch!

Images of the new design were leaked to Wearable, who published them. Look no further and you can check out the new Fitbit watch. Critics are underwhelmed. It may not be a good fit, at all, for the market.

  1. How Smart Is The Tech? New Heart Monitor!

Infrared Sensors will measure the amount of oxygen in your blood, and super accurately measure your heart rate. Wonderful! There is a new heart image, which will show your heart rate. The Fitbit watch is similar to the Fitbit Blaze but has a different design.

What else can this Smart-watch do? Well, it has a cross platform functionality – Pebble technology will allow you to connect to a range of other Apps – both Android and IOS. There is a ‘third party’ gallery where you connect to other apps.

  1. People Hate It

The opinions have been mixed, and responses lack luster, from the market the watch is quite bulky and looks like a fitness tracker, not like a watch. Ironically, the older, classic, Fitbit tracker looked more like a watch. It’s a super sporty, watch too – it is water resistant to 50m, and has GPS, and a multi-day battery (4 days).

It is a “chunky” watch and there are also people who are not fans of the software-tech, either. It’s a personal decision though, and you will have to see what works for you. Fashion of function? Are you a Fitbit lover, and happy to upgrade – then this is for you. If you’re on the fence, you may want to do some research first.

  1. Styles

The Fitbit Smart-watch is designed with a range of color options. You can choose rose gold, with a blue strap, or a silver casing, with a navy strap – or – a darker casing, with a black strap. These are quite neutral colors, and will look classically stylish, and are very wearable colors.


With the design being more water resistant you don’t need to worry about water spilling, or popping into the pool, for a swim. Your Fitbit Smart-watch is tough and designed to be worn, in different environments.

You will enjoy tracking your fitness, and the range of colors means you will look stylish, doing it. There are also going to be interchangeable bands – similar to other Fitbit models.

  1. Your PlayList!

Music helps people to exercise. The beat can drive you forward to that last uphill stretch -and with new Bluetooth earbuds – you will be able to connect to the beat. The music options may be limited though, there will be music options, but Spotify – is not one of them. (One of the third parties that have joined in the App gallery.)

Essentially you have to consider the form and function – the Fitbit Smart-watch is an advanced fitness tracker, which will also have a wider range of applications – you will be able to connect to other apps, in the gallery – and track your fitness in different ways.

  1. It’s Not Sexy

Fashion, and sex-appeal – are less easy to define, but, for the most part – the Fitbit Smart-watch is just not that sexy. What will this mean for Fitbit? Well, from the point of view of function – it may have all the bells, and whistles, but will the Fitbit Smart-watch be a good fit for you?

This is a personal decision and perhaps you’re fine with its form and function, but if you’re looking for something a little more – ‘Hey! How are you doin?” In the famous words, from Joey from friends, well, it just may not get your heart racing, after all. You can check it, but will you wear it?

Is the Fitbit Smart-watch for you?

Is your heart racing at the very idea of owning the new Fitbit Smart-watch? Probably, not. It looks stylish, in a classic way, and has great functional uses, but is that enough. What about factor ‘X’?

It has had an underwhelming response from reviewers, and in our tech- and gadget overloaded lives – to really attract our attention – we need a product to sing, dance, and make us a cocktail. It’s a lot of pressure, for designers and companies to produce new, innovation, and there is a lot of competition on the market.

Fans of the Fitbit may upgrade to the Fitbit Smart-watch, and love it – but if you are shopping for a smart-watch, well, then, there is always the Apple Smart-watch, and it has greater sex appeal. Hey, how are you doin?




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