Home News Uber Apologizes After London Ban and Admits “We Got Things Wrong”
Uber Apologizes After London Ban and Admits “We Got Things Wrong”

Uber Apologizes After London Ban and Admits “We Got Things Wrong”


Uber refuses to give up chances of continuing to operate in London England. Following the decision of the transport consortium (TFL) to revoke its license for malpractice, and its users to revolt against the ruling through 1 million signatures, the executive director of the US company, Dara Khosrowshahi, released an open letter acknowledging that mistakes have been made but every effort will be made to solve them.

Although it also says they will appeal TFL’s decision in court, Khosrowshahi has admitted that the company “must change.” “Although Uber has revolutionized the way people move in the cities, it is equally true that we have done wrong things along the way,” he acknowledges in the letter published. “On behalf of Uber, as a global company, I apologize for the mistakes we have made.”

London mayor Sadiq Khan has said Uber has made “aggressive” threats about taking Transport for London (TFL) to court, after the tech giant lost its license to operate in London last week. He said that TFL was “always happy” to talk to private hire operators and he was happy to meet anybody, but thought it was improper for politicians to interfere “with a quasi-judicial matter”.”I appreciate that Uber has an army of PR experts. I appreciate that Uber has an army of lawyers; they’ve also made aggressive threats about taking us to court and all the rest of it,” Khan added.

In addition the US Company has also requested through a BBC appearance of one of its executives, Fred Jones, a meeting “as soon as possible” with the TFL to address possible changes that are necessary to recover a license that will expire September 30 but which may be kept for the duration of the appeals process.

In fact, the head of the company in London, Tom Elvidge, acknowledged yesterday in the Sunday Times that he did not know what to do to fix things: “They have not told us what we have to change but we are willing to do what we are asked for. Unfortunately that requires some conversations that we have not been able to maintain lately.

“According to the same tabloid, some of the concessions that Uber is willing to make are advances in passenger safety, better working conditions for its drivers and limitation in the number of hours they can work to increase road safety. Reactions to Uber’s apologies have not been expected and this very afternoon Khan has opened the door for negotiations to begin outside the courts: “Although there is a legal process, I have asked TFL to have a meeting with them.”

We hope “All’s Well, Ends Well” for Uber and People of London


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