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Twitter Just Doubled The Character Limit For Tweets To 280

Twitter Just Doubled The Character Limit For Tweets To 280


Twitter now allows selected users to write long 280 characters hoping to increase user activity.

The company is confident that the increase of 140 to 280 characters will have a positive effect. Behind this is a comprehensible thought: Twitter probably noticed that people would no longer have to set 140 characters. However, the change the social media company wants to test only “with a small group” of users, “before making the decision to make it available to everyone”.

Supporting Languages

Twitter is testing longer tweet feature on all languages except Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

The test run will take place globally. Only users with the language settings Japanese, Chinese and Korean are currently excluded – because in these languages more content can be conveyed with fewer characters. Only 0.4 percent of the tweets in Japanese would reach the length of 140 characters. On the other hand, nine percent of the English Twitter contributions reach the character limit. Many users are frustrated about this. The average length amounts to 15 characters in Japanese tweets and 34 characters in English.

How many users are closely involved in the test and how they should be selected, Twitter hasn’t disclose publicly. The limitation to 140 text characters, is due to the fact that Twitter was still based on SMS messages over ten years ago. Two weeks ago, Twitter Chief Jack Dorsey had stressed that the short news was to remain focused on short posts. “We believe that it is really important to maintain this brevity,” he said.

An experimental measure, aimed at collecting data

Of course, do not rejoice too much because Twitter has only extended the limit to 280 characters to some of its users, indicating that it is a measure of experimental moment and destined to collect data. It has not been informed which profiles will receive the improvement or what the selection criteria have been, and of course we do not know anything official about the dates in which it could be extended to all the users.

The plan of the development team of the famous social network is to evaluate the operation of the new limit with a small group.

We will see if this extension can increase the degree of participation of users on Twitter, since it is obvious that the final objective is none other than to encourage a wider use of the platform.



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