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Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is returning to the company

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is returning to the company


Biz Stone, one of the co-founders of Twitter, announced that he is returning to the company.

Stone left Twitter in 2011 because of his decision to search for new projects with Obvious Corporation: a company that included his friend and Twitter co-founder, Evan Williams.

And although it was unclear what Stone’s role would be now, he explained that he will focus on guiding the company’s culture, which we also are unclear of what it means. In his new role, Stone will focus on corporate culture and will not replace any other executive or fill a vacancy, he said in a post from Medium. Twitter shares took a leap with this news.


“It’s important that everyone understands the full story of Twitter and the role of everyone in that story,” Stone wrote.

The presence of the executive can help lift the morale of Twitter after several years of changes and job cuts. The San Francisco-based company who has been struggling to reverse a drop in revenue growth also came to consider its own sale September.

Stone said he recently returned to Twitter as a “special guest” for an employee-friendly event, where current CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey (another founder who left Twitter and returned) asked him publicly at the event if he wanted to go back to work for Twitter.

“The world needs Twitter and Twitter is here to move forward,” he added. “I am fortunate to be able to come back and help shape Twitter’s future.”

Dorsey, Stone, and Evan Williams founded Twitter in 2006. Two months ago, Stone sold his start-up image search “Jelly” to Pinterest Inc. and became a special advisor to that company. He will continue in that role linked with Pinterest’s product manager.

Twitter shares are now up 20% this year.

“My main objective will be to guide the culture of the company, that energy, that feeling. This is where Jack and the invaluable Twitter CMO Leslie Berland feel I can have the most powerful impact. It’s important that everyone understands the whole story of Twitter and each of our roles in that story.”

In addition to co-found Twitter, Biz Stone helped create and launch Xanga, Odeo, and Medium. Then, in 2012, he created Jelly Industries, which he sold last March to Pinterest. Although the contract did not force him to remain CEO of the company, Stone says he will continue to work there as well.


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