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Top Apple Insider Says iPhone X Is Bad News For The iPhone 8

Top Apple Insider Says iPhone X Is Bad News For The iPhone 8


The Apple launch event was a sight to behold. Everything from the venue to the reveal itself was nothing short of spectacular. It was a landmark event that sparked a lot of things. The thing that’s talked about the most is the dual phone reveal.

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X were revealed on the same day. People were baffled by such a move. Apple always did it one phone at a time.

What gives now? Is it a simple mistake or a bold marketing move? Something out of the two must be true. According to one renowned Apple insider, the iPhone 8 is destined for failure.

Why is that? Many people have speculated how each phone’s sales will be affected by the other’s. That’s just what it is now – pure speculation.  Let’s analyze some possible scenarios about the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.

Apple using the iPhone as a tool?

This theory might make sense in the long run. Both phones were scheduled to begin preorders in September. Apple made a strange, last-moment decision to delay the iPhone X shipping for November 3.

It was obvious all along that the iPhone 8 was a lower-budget, slightly worse version of the X. Now, one might think the delay was to boost iPhone 8 sales, but think again. It might not look so bright.

Bright for the iPhone 8 that is. Some statisticians claim that Apple might post their worst quarter in the last few years. This is because Apple has put out less iPhone 8 models for preordering.

What might seem as a strange decision, might not be such a bad one. It may all be a part of a grand scheme by the Silicon Valley Giant.

A sales boost incoming

Let’s look at the numbers first. The iPhone 8 stands at $699 and its bigger counterpart, the iPhone X is at $999. People are able to order the 8 right now, but hesitate to do so.

They are willing to spend $300 more on a phone that will only be out in 6 weeks. Sounds preposterous, but this move just might work in the long run.

Apple has such a reputation that everyone anticipates their devices with excitement. Such was the case with the iPhone X. Many people were determined to get it in September.

Now that people found out about the delay, they have a lower-cost option with the iPhone 8. Some have decided to do so, but many are still insistent on buying the iPhone X. It may seem perplexing at first, but let’s simple it down.

The same people who wanted to order the iPhone X really bad will still order it. They will pay more than they would pay for the iPhone 8. By revealing a superior phone for 2 months later, Apple ensured a big financial boost. Even though the numbers look slim, Apple is in for a big payday come December.

They will get more money because of a simple anticipation trick. Those who will be satisfied with the iPhone 8 will still get their prize. But everyone knows the main prize is the elusive iPhone X. Almost everyone will choose it over its counterpart and spend more money in the process.

A conclusion and a prediction for the future of Apple

Apple will live with the fact that iPhone 8 sails will be disastrous. They will even cope with the fact that the third quarter of 2017 will be iffy at best.

But they will love the fact that their more expensive phone will sell much more. With a clever strategy, they have sacrificed short-term success for a long-term profit.

Just like Steve Jobs drew it up. Smart strategies are extremely obvious, but so well-thought up that you can accuse them of anything. People will even feel freer because they don’t have one, but two phones to choose from.

What does this mean for Apple? Well, aside from being richer, they have shown signs of weakness.

Their competitors are releasing many devices during a year. One of the main knocks on Apple was the lack of choice. People will have cheaper options to choose from and that’s great. We hope the trend continues.


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