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Tips For Dealing With A Water-Damaged iPhone

Tips For Dealing With A Water-Damaged iPhone


Your heart sinks as your expensive cell phone falls into the pool or the toilet. Seeing it submerged in water is a very unpleasant, if somewhat common, experience. You fish it out as quickly as possible but fear that it is damaged beyond repair. Your friends are quick to give you suggestions about what you should do. Some of their suggestions sound good but you are not sure whether they might also just cause more damage. If you don’t want to completely damage your phone, you need to find out what really helps or hurts.

What not to do to a water-damaged phone

Do not apply heat!  The first thing you may think of doing is to use your hair blow dryer or the microwave to dry out the phone. This will only cause further damage. The heat is likely to damage the lithium-ion battery. This means that your phone won’t be able to charge anymore. The heat may also warp some of the parts.

The air from a blow dryer can also spread the water inside the phone, causing more extensive damage. Apple claim that their iPhones can withstand heat of 113 degrees Fahrenheit but it’s obviously best not to test this out as they also state that their phones perform best at a much lower temperature.  

Do not use rice! Another commonly recommended repair tip is to put your phone into a bowl of rice. Rice does absorb moisture but it is an ineffective way to try and fix a water-damaged phone. Sugar and starch residues from the rice can simply add to any corrosion already caused by the water inside the phone.

Do not press any keys! If you start pressing keys frantically, this may just push the water deeper into the phone.  If you keep fiddling with the phone and moving it around, you are likely to spread the water.

What to do when your phone is water-damaged  

Switch your phone off and make sure it stays that way. It may appear fine at first but sometimes the damage only shows up after a while. Turning it off as quickly as possible is the most important step you can take to prevent water damage.

  1. Try to remove the battery and lay it on a paper towel.
  2. Gently dry the outside of the phone with a soft cloth, removing moisture from any openings.

Professionally trained technicians often have to try and repair water-damaged phones. It’s best to let one have a look at it as soon as possible. There is no guaranteed fix for a water-damaged phone and if they say it cannot be repaired, you will probably have to accept defeat.

Following these tips offers you the best option of salvaging your iPhone and not having to pay for a new phone or take an early upgrade.


Unfortunately, a water-damaged phone is not covered under most warranties. Apple has a one year limited warranty but it does not cover liquid damage. It is not covered under the Apple Care Protection Plan either.  Most warranties usually only cover defects in manufacturing and do not cover any accidental damage such as a cracked screen or water damage.

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