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TIIF Names Huawei P10 Their Official Phone For The 2017 Festival Edition

TIIF Names Huawei P10 Their Official Phone For The 2017 Festival Edition


Toronto International Film Festival has always been amongst the upper echelon of film festivals. Many renowned movies are being judged according to their performance at the TIIF. Awards aren’t being given so lightly. Therefore, it’s quite an honor to place highly in the official festival race. Of course, such a prestigious festival is to have a prestigious brand by its side. In today’s marketing world, there is no better solution than Huawei.

The Chinese brand has climbed to the very top, matching Apple and Samsung in many categories worldwide. Therefore, this partnership with ITTF is surely a match made in heaven. Besides, Huawei has a had a long-lasting presence in Canada for many years, with the North American country being their chief market aside from the Asian one.

It’s important to signify the importance of this partnership and the echoes it will make in every way possible. One of the most prestigious phone manufacturers cooperating with perhaps the best North American film festival – seems like an ideal match, doesn’t it?

How Huawei came to be in Canada?

The Chinese tech giant has held firm ground in the land of hockey and maple syrup ever since 2008. It’s now a tradition that Huawei saves perhaps the best perks for their Canadian customers. Along with stores on every corner, Huawei decided to make a special investment when it comes to the Canadian market.

That special project is none other than the Huawei Canada Research Center. It’s no small projects, as it employs over 400 brilliant engineers and researchers. Some of these men and women play key roles in determining the looks, the functioning and the performance of the latest Huawei phones. With such a project always improving, it’s not hard to see how highly Huawei thinks of Canada.

One more reason why is Huawei so popular in Canada in cooperation with carriers. When it comes to hardware and reception towers, Huawei has always been generous around the world. They’ve built in Canada, as well as the majority of Europe. Because of this, they are always amongst the first manufacturers that get picked for the last phone rosters by carriers.

Their latest flagship has completely annihilated every form of expectation, bringing forth an array of incredible features to the customer body worldwide.

Why the Huawei P10, anyway?

As we’ve said, Huawei P10 has blown away pretty much every single prediction and expectation. But it has something particularly interesting. When it comes to quality movies, it’s the picture that talks the talk. The lips of the movie are the way the picture is done. You can have all these incredible actors, but it’s nothing without the final flair – the picture.

An essential part of a good picture is a quality camera. That is something that Huawei has that the film world needs. Aesthetic, cleaning imaging under all possible circumstances, the P10’s Leica Dual Camera 2.0 is just what the world needs.

This 12 and 20 MP camera due is a formidable combination of a polychromatic and monochromatic camera. With a leviathan of a Leica lens, Huawei surely wanted the P10 to be able to accomplish truly great things.

Huawei Canada came up with a brilliant idea. They decided to be the official camera team for the 2017 TIFF. There is nothing wear about having a camera team at your disposal, right? Of course, but Huawei decided to take it one step further. Every single piece of the action on set during the festival was shot only by P10 phone. By looking at the imagery, it’s quite amazing that they have managed to transcend the realm of professional cameras and their rule over such events.

Something more to come?

With Huawei becoming more and more powerful in Canada, one question becomes truly imminent. What happens to Huawei and the US? By strengthening their grip over the northern neighbor of the US, Huawei is imposing them as a premier brand that US carriers just simply can’t refuse.

They’ve been refusing them for a while now. With moves like the TIFF pairing, they are hoping to stop such a refusal. Clever marketing and subtle tactics go a long way.



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