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This App Lets You Add An iPhone X ‘Notch’ To Any Android Phone

This App Lets You Add An iPhone X ‘Notch’ To Any Android Phone


The biggest appeal of Apple phones is the undeniable aesthetic wonder. They seem so simple and elegant but are comprised of many small details.

Some of those details are iconic and capture the attention of nearly everyone. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the financial resources to get themselves an iPhone.

Instead of sitting around aimlessly, app developers came up with an amazing solution. They’ve started creating apps that add the Apple aesthetic feel to any Android phone. Out of thousands of such apps, one is amazingly simple and astonishing.

A thing that’s especially amazing about the iPhone is the iconic “notch”. What’s the “notch” exactly? Well, it’s that small space in the middle of the top of the screen.

It’s so well-placed that you can look at it for countless hours and never get tired. It’s been chosen as perhaps the favorite iPhone detail.

There’s good news! If you don’t have the cash for an Apple flagship device, you can download a simple app to add the iconic “notch”. It’s called XOutof10, playing on the name of the new Apple iPhone X. It’s made by Ido Ideas, in a brilliant and simple way. Let’s take a look.

A good introduction

While some may laugh this app off and say it’s insignificant, it’s not so simple. Hold those thoughts for a bit. More and more people are making the transition from Android to iOS on a daily basis. A common problem they face is getting used to the interface. And what’s one of the main parts of the interface? Why, it’s the iconic “notch”, of course.

Because it’s too strange to an Android user, it takes some time getting used. What you can use the XOutof10 app for is training for a phone switch. If you’ve gathered the cash to make the purchase, take the app for a test run.

Your eyes will get used to after a few days. When you unbox the iPhone once it’s available, it will feel as good as new.

What’s even better is that iPhone users can benefit from XOutof10, too! How, you ask? Well, the iPhone X isn’t hitting the store until early November. If you have a cheap Android at your disposal, you can install the app for a test run.

Seeing how it looks will give you a good feel of the experience. Once you’ve seen the appeal or lack thereof, you can decide whether to buy or not. Who knows, it might save you a $999 if you simply don’t like the “notch”.

A bit of fun, too

The app is available for every Android version, Marshmallow and up. If you’re running Android Oreo, however, you won’t see the bump when you pull down the notifications bar. Some people were worried about how will it fit, but it looks like Ido Ideas did well.

Such sleek software customization is getting harder and harder to pull off. Every version of Android makes it harder for such apps to coexist with the main OS.

According to the reviews, it’s simply stellar. Most people thank the creators for making their interface more aesthetic and some view it as a good intro for the actual iPhone launch.

The XOutof10 app is excellent for an introduction to the world of customization apps. If you’ve liked it, then you will most likely love many launchers and similar apps. A common mistake of many Android users is the acceptance of the stock system look.

We’re in the 21st-century people, there are many apps able to customize the sometimes dull home screen. That old phone that you haven’t paid off yet? The wait for the contract to expire doesn’t have to be a dull one. With apps like XOutof10, you can make every unlocking of the screen a fun one. The smartphone is about stability and fun at the same time. Don’t disregard one at the expense of the other.

To conclude

A great, but simple app like this may just be the future of customization software. Using it either for fun or for an introduction to the iPhone X is a good move. Try it out and enjoy the sci-fi-looking “notch”.


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