Home Devices These super cool gadgets from CES 2018 might be in your home this year!
These super cool gadgets from CES 2018 might be in your home this year!

These super cool gadgets from CES 2018 might be in your home this year!


6 super cool gadgets from CES 2018 you could own this year!

Hundreds of electronics manufacturers displayed what they believe are ‘the next big things’ in the world of technology consumerism. Some gadgets haven’t been that impressive, such as LG’s Chloi robot (which failed its demo in front of a large audience), while others are already turning heads. As with other years, products displayed at the show are usually released onto the market within the year.

There are lots of cool gadgets you can own this year, but these are some of the best we’ve seen at CES so far.

LG’S Smart Display

LG is back in the electronics race with what might be its best invention yet. The LG Smart Display is basically a tabletop smart screen designed to operate like a tablet and function like a smart hub. The Smart Display comes fitted with Google Assistant, which enables the user to make reminders for day to day routines such as preparing dinner, reading a book or making a shopping order.

Additional features include video calling and the ability to mute the speaker and close the camera so that they don’t snoop on you as you sleep. The LG Smart Display is presented in an 8.1 and a 10.1-inch version, both of which go on sale this summer for $199 and $249 respectively.

Travis the Translator

This new device is poised to become a hit with travellers everywhere as the year opens, courtesy of its ‘cool’ features. Designed like a flip phone, the device enables real-time translation of over 80 languages (20 when offline) with only a WIFI or mobile connection. It works by listening to a recording of a voice and speaking the translated phrase out loud. It is currently selling on Indiegogo for $199 out will be widely available later in the year.


Buddy brought the world’s attention at CES 2017 to companion bots and how fast companies were developing them for the mass market. Buddy is back at CES 2018, now smarter and better.

In typical companion style, Buddy can answer basic questions for you (such as who’s the president of the United States, obviously), turn on music, select different songs, tell weather updates, tell jokes and possibly react when you’re sad. It can also give you a live feed of your house while you’re away. How’s that for a new pet? It’s expected to go for $1500 when it goes on sale in September.

Merge 6DoF Blaster

Imagine playing a VR game on your phone while in the real world, and without VR glasses on. Imagine having aliens shoot at you from within the game and having to duck behind your couch to dodge their missiles.

Merge VR is the company behind Merge 6DoF Blaster, the VR game that’s making all this possible. All users have to do is place their iPhones in a holder, open the app and start firing away at aliens with toy guns also made by the company. This awesome merging of VR and the real world will be selling at only $50 this coming summer.

The LinkSquare

Would you want to know if the meat you’ve just purchased is free of or laden with dangerous bacteria? Probably, LinkSquare does just that. It’s designed in the size of a magic marker to detect any changes in an object.

The makers say it can detect counterfeit money, the wrong brand of pills or even rotting meat. It works alongside an app on your phone to detect these changes in real time.

UV Sense

L’Oreal is going beyond beauty and looking further toward stronger skin protection with its newest feature, the UV Sense. Designed in form of a miniature tracking device, the UV Sense is attached to a person’s nail and used to detect the levels of temperature, humidity, pollen etc. in real time.

The device is connected to an app on the phone and relays the results with NFC sharing in form of reminders before one step out. It will get released briefly in the summer at an estimated $40.

Check out the official website of CES 2018 to get up close with each of these gadgets.


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