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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a High-End Android Tablet that can do Everything

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a High-End Android Tablet that can do Everything


With a powerful processor, a Super AMOLED display, four channel stereo speakers, S Pen, and an optional keyboard cover, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a high-end Android tablet that can do everything.

One of the most user-friendly designs ever built.

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 features the same design as the rest of the Samsung Android tablets. It is more visually they look virtually the same. However, along with the metal frame, the new finish on the back of the tablet gives the Galaxy Tab S3 a more sophisticated design than any other Samsung Android tablet.

The overall quality of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is excellent and as expected from a device in its price range. There are two colors to choose from – black and silver. Both come with an S pen that matches the unit.

Super AMOLED display with HDR support

Like all high-end mobile devices from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab S3 has a Super AMOLED display. The 9.7-inch unit has a clear resolution of 2,048 by 1,536 pixels and a 4: 3 aspect ratio. It also offers support for HDR content.
Like all Samsung Super AMOLED displays, the Tab S3 display offers vibrant, clear colors along with infinite levels of contrast. The viewing angles and visibility of bright light are also top-notch.

Support for HDR content makes the Tab S3 tablet an excellent choice for the future. The function improves the colors and contrast of the videos on the screen. This is especially helpful as major streaming services, including Netflix, will begin offering HDR content for mobile devices this year.

Hardware is the key

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Tab S3 with a high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor along with 4GB of RAM. The configuration is commonly found in a multitude of high-end Smartphones today, including the Galaxy S7.
The tablet has 32GB of built-in storage as well as a microSD card slot for easy expansion of memory. A full set of wired and wireless connectivity features are also incorporated, including Bluetooth 4.2 and a USB-C port.

An AKG tuned speaker quartet complements the excellent presentation of the tablet. The main camera of the Tab S3 has a 13MP sensor capable of capturing video in 4K. A 5MP camera is in charge of selfies and video calls.

Galaxy Tab S3 has a 6,000 mAh battery with fast charging capability. Of course, the tablet also has a fingerprint sensor that is built into your home button.

S Pen detects 4,096 pressure levels

The built-in S Pen helps the Galaxy Tab S3 stand out among its competitors. A product developed in collaboration with Wacom, the S Pen can detect about 4096 levels of pressure, making it feel incredibly intuitive and comfortable to use.

The technology giant has optimized most of the capabilities of the S Pen in a single application called Samsung Notes. A floating widget for the S Pen includes useful translation and extension tools, as well as the possibility of adding shortcuts to the most used applications, among other features that will make you much simpler and faster to use the tablet.

A fun feature of the S Pen is its ability to offer users a quick and easy way to create GIF animations of any content that is played on the tablet screen. There is even the option of adjusting the quality of GIFs for easy sharing.
Android Nougat with custom Samsung interface

The Tab S3 runs Nougat, which is the latest version of Google’s Android operating system. The operating system has been customized by Samsung to include the functionality of the S Pen, as well as Samsung’s own user interface, among others. Users can also send and receive messages on the tablet from their compatible Samsung phone through a feature called Samsung Flow. Something that is quite useful and practical.

Of course, you can run Android apps side-by-side on the tablet. The feature is currently built into Android Nougat, but has been part of Samsung’s custom user interface for years.

Samsung has preloaded the Tab S3 tablet with Microsoft productivity applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel. A novel digital coloring book is also included, which is ideal for the S Pen.

Excellent performance

As expected, thanks to its powerful processor, the Tab S3 offers fast and responsive sensations in all scenarios. Keeping several applications open and split screen multitasking does not slow down the tablet.
The audio quality of the tablet speakers is excellent. AKG-tuned audio drivers provide a powerful, distortion-free audio experience, even at high volume. There is a dedicated section in the settings where you can adjust the sound experience to your liking.

According to Samsung, the Tab S3 can deliver up to 8 hours of internet browsing and up to 12 hours of video playback with a battery charge.

The optional keyboard cover has well-spaced keys, which provide a good touch response, although some users may find it somewhat small and tight. In some case, the accessory of $ 130 dollars should be on the potential purchase list for those looking to use the Galaxy Tab S3 as a working tool.

The best Android tablet you can buy today

The Galaxy Tab S3 is practically the best Android tablet you can buy. The tablet offers a mix of performance, productivity and multimedia capabilities that others cannot match: Its S Pen, and the functionality it offers are also unparalleled by any Android rival.

The latest tablet from Samsung is also a solid alternative to the Apple iPad Pro for users who want to stay within the Android ecosystem. Its $ 600 price tag matches the entry price for an iPad Pro with 32GB of memory, though the expandable memory and S-pen included in the Samsung Tab S3 tablet make it a slightly better alternative. (Apple charges an additional $ 99 for his pencil)


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