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The New Smartphone Pegged To Be The Ultimate iPhone X Rival

The New Smartphone Pegged To Be The Ultimate iPhone X Rival


There’s a rumble in the technological jungle that Samsung is going to release a folding smartphone.  But we’re not talking about a phone a with a top that flips. Heck no, that’s old hat.

Over the years there have been rumors about a secretive project in the works at Samsung’s HQ. It involves a smartphone that folds. But the murmurings are becoming more frequent. If this the case, and there is confirmation from no less than three reliable sources. Then, Samsung has a lot to gloat about.

The Galaxy X folding phone will be, without a doubt, the most radical smartphone the world has ever seen. Samsung is confident to pull die-hard Apple users away from the iPhone X.

What’s the excitement about? Because as you know by now, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, and this time it’s not bad news for the company.

Release Date

Even with all the buzz around the handset, we have no idea what the manufacturer’s plan to call the bendy phone. So we, along with everyone else, will stick with the codename Galaxy X until we can give you more information. What we do know is the ‘X’ doesn’t stand for ‘ten’.

Along with the name, the Samsung Galaxy X is still somewhat of a mystery. But we do know enough to be able to tell you it’s coming next year.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. 2018 will see the release of the company’s first fold-able smartphone. And this is from the horse’s mouth, or at the least the president of mobile at Samsung Electronics.

On 12 September, the day the iPhone 8 launched, Koh Dong-jin confirmed the phone would hit the market in 2018. There’s even talk of the Galaxy X being available before the Galaxy S9.

The phone already passed Bluetooth certification in July. It also acquired radio certification from the National Radio Agency in South Korea. It’s common knowledge that devices only receive this approval. Even the ECC approval in the States, as they near their launch date.

Galaxy X Specs

As far as the specs of the phone go, details remain guarded. But every now and then a source close to the project lets a little bit of information leak. This is probably for geeks like you and me. As per the sources, Galaxy X will feature a 4K resolution screen. However, for now, we think this is a little too ambitious for a handset using very new technology all around.

Another rumor doing the rounds is that the foldable phone will have a dual camera setup. While we can’t confirm this, if it is the case, this feature will put the phone against other smartphones. All these phones boast the same technology. It includes Samsung’s very own Galaxy Note 8.

The screen size is still unknown and seems to be up in the air. Speculation suggests it’s about 5 inches by 5 inches, with a 7in display. But there’s not enough information around this as yet. Not yet for anyone to claim it as fact.

There are a few patent images floating around. And with one of the essential elements that were the hinge, it allows the phone to bend. Another design shows a central fold down the middle. This will allow the handset to change to compact mode.

Limited Release

At the moment there’s talk that the fold-able phone will have a limited release of 100,000. This begs the question who’s going to get their hands on one? And it’s the bit that’s giving me sleepless nights. Apparently, it will be available in selected territories. It will be a first test interest before it goes worldwide.

The nine territories include the US, the UK, as well as Poland and of course Samsung’s home turf of South Korea.


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