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The Grand Comeback: Launching on August 16th Nokia flagship Android phone

The Grand Comeback: Launching on August 16th Nokia flagship Android phone


After a large amount of time, all Nokia fans can rejoice – the phone manufacturing giant is back. And by the looks of their future plans, it also seems that they are better than ever, too.

The reason for this is the leakage of the first Nokia flagship phone in many years – the Nokia 8. We couldn’t have been happier when we received the official invite. Watching them “unveil the next milestone for Nokia phones” will be a pleasure. It is so as the tech royalty missed the Finnish giant amongst them.

Rebounding post the Microsoft sale

The launch is not easy, especially with the financial struggles. The sale made by Microsoft, spelled doom for the Finnish corporation. During the period between 2010 and 2014, Nokia abandoned the old Symbian OS.  It went ahead to get the new Windows Mobile OS in the process.

The move faced mixed reviews and also people weren’t quite sure that the pairing would work. With not-so-good sales, Nokia Technologies head Ramzi Haidamus had to come to a decision. He decided to put an end to this period. On 17 November 2014, Nokia came out with a signature bang.

They’ve announced that they are re-entering the electronics business. They will work as direct manufacture. With this, Nokia will stop producing hardware for other companies. Rather, it is an opportunity for the northern kings of electronics to return to the scene.

Nokia 8 – Will it turn to be formidable foe to today’s top phones?

We’ve loved the news when we heard about the leaks, and even more when we received an invite. All the specs are state of the art and we have no doubt that a stir remains. In contrast to the style-heavy mobile industry of today’s world, Nokia takes a different route.

As always, they put an emphasis on performance. The best testament to that is the double, Carl Zeiss-armed camera in the back, with two 13 MP sensors. Along with 4 or 6 GB of RAM, depending on the version, it seems that Nokia is still a major player in the stability game.

What is most important lies neither in the hardware nor in the software parts? It’s the price that sets Nokia apart and it always has, ever since the early days. It is true that Nokia has dominated the market in the past. It not only puts out excellent phones, but ones that are attainable by everyone.

This kind of policy ought to be a crucial move and a weapon against technological aristocracy. Technology and supreme quality in Smartphone’s should be available everywhere, and for everyone. If they decided to push down the price yet again, this might be the nightmare of every competitor.

Who can compete with a state of the art OS, along with a reasonable price? The answer is nobody and we’re delighted to see what happens on the 16th of August in London.

Hand-in-hand with Android – A new dawn of smart business decisions

In the business world, not every personal idea can exceed its limit. Nokia has had their share of failures. Yet, they rebounded from unpleasant experiences in the past. The Symbian OS was revolutionary, even though not much effort has been put into it in its later days. Instead of insisting on keeping it, discontinuation was the best choice.

Microsoft also didn’t manage to establish the successful partnership everybody dreamed of. Instead of catching the first wave, Nokia’s board started surveying the market. It did for the most up-and-coming ideas and business decision.

A product of the contemplation was to use Android in their models. It was also decided that it will establish a business relationship. Not only did they apply the world’s top OS to their devices, but they went a step further. It’s one of the only phones to jump into using Android 8.0.0, a bold and potentially lucrative decision. Despite the initial risk, they went a step further, confirming that Android 0 will be ready to use. Not soon, but right away when it becomes available!

All in all, Nokia might have found the right fusion of bold business moves. It goes along with a deal-breaker at reasonable prices. The specs are stellar as can be and we all hope for an opening with a bang.




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