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The Brand New Essential Phone – Only On Telus

The Brand New Essential Phone – Only On Telus


When Andy Rubin, the co-founder, and creator of the Android operating system, announced that he was launching his “Essential” company, everyone knew something big was on its way. Andy is one of the most respected individuals in the industry and his ideas are always eagerly anticipated by every tech fan in the world.

His first move was to announce the launch of the Essential phone. After the reveal on May 30, there were many questions hypotheses about the performance, the hardware, and the additional innovative perks.

Telus, as always, managed to snatch the distributing rights and allow their customers to pre-order the exclusive new model. Starting on 17 August, pre orders can be placed and the phone is set to arrive in 3-4 business weeks. Let’s take a look at the phone itself and the benefits Telus has prepared for us.


The price and perks

The outright price of the Essential phone is $1050, but that’s just the beginning of the benefits Telus has prepared. If you want to bring the price down for $290, you can sign a two-year contract with payments starting from $95 per month. $490 discounts are available through $85 per month plans.

Perhaps the hottest feature of the Essential phone is the 360 camera mod, a special add-on that allows the user to film videos in 4K quality, but with a 360-degree twist.

Telus is the only carrier in Canada that managed to get the distributing rights and the whole process will be an excellent test for multiple reasons.

Firstly, Telus is known for excellent customer service and supreme preparation of new devices for the current market. This will be the best chance for Essential to grasp the North American market and enter the tech market triumphantly.

Secondly, Telus and Essential make a wonderful pairing of companies that impose free market theories on the world. This was evident when both the carrier and the manufacturer announced that the phone will never be sold locked.

A move like that shows that both companies have trust in their services, especially Telus. Something like this is unheard of and made a big splash. A positive one, to say the least.

Innovative additions

What first comes to mind is a strange mix of aesthetic features, along with added strength. This is symbolized by the fusion of ceramic and titanium.

The titanium addition has rarely been used, but Essential means business and adding endurance to an already amazing phone is a good decision. Ceramic covers add a shine that just might become the trademark of Essential.

The full display might not be such an innovation, but Essential just might have pulled it off better than anyone else. With a 5,7 inch diagonal, some were baffled by the unusual 19:10 aspect ration, but it just might be the refreshment the phone market needs. The resolution will be 2560 x 1312.

What’s most impressive about the whole announcement and reveal is the amazing camera. Not only will it feature a formidable duo of a monochromatic-specialized camera and a normal one, but you will also have the option of applying the 360 4K add-on one.

Rumors are that it has a larger sensitivity to light than any device before it and that it will rarely need flash. Although the addition is $100, it is a must have given the hype around it and the genius design. The front camera is also a beast of its own kind, being at a cool 8 MP with an f/2.2 aperture lens.

The hardware

The Essential phone will boast a Snapdragon 835 chipset, meaning straight away that this device will be a threat to competitors on all fronts.

Alongside the new Snapdragon comes a solid 4 GB of RAM, but Rubin stated that the quantity doesn’t tell the whole story and that it will be one formidable batch of RAM memory.

In order to equalize the performances of every Essential phone, it will only come with a 128 GB storage size, meaning that customers will be able to experience the device the best way it can be experienced – going all out.

Black Moon and Pure White are the colors which Telus is selling the phone and the simplicity of the colorways was the final straw that leads us to conclude this device will be a star.


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