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Telus – Making Travelling Easier

Telus – Making Travelling Easier


New and Highly Beneficial

Telus made things easier for a lot of people when they devised their Canada-US plans. These plan spans cross the border. Given the fact that many people have lives that depend on crossing into the other country. Having a plan for it could be a life saver.

Cancelling out the roaming between the two countries on the North American continent is a major decision. It has improved communication networks all around the world. Telus made a great move to install their policy of an open world through their excellent plans. What is even better is that with every new wave of plans, they make strides and improvements. The latest set is here and everybody is in for a treat.

Telus- Best data options

Telus outdid themselves with this move, as data is the basis of every excellent postpaid plan. They’ve upped their versatility by adding different data rates.

You can choose from 2, 4 and 6 GB data packs, according to your needs and frequency of internet use. These are usually included in the one-person packages.

What make this new set of plans astounding are multi-person, family packages. You can even buy plans that have shared gigabytes, minutes and texts for every family member. It is surprising to find that, quantities like 20, 40 or 80 GB are available at reasonable prices.

Telus- Best Phone options

Telus decided to opt for an unorthodox approach. This option is rather different from providing a wide array of different models. By accumulating all the best models of today’s Smartphone world, you have an array of quality choices to choose from.

Samsung, Apple, LG and Blackberry are the prominent brands offered with this set of plans. To attract new customer, Telus have began a policy of giving our older phones for free. This is, of course, only if they it comprises a package big enough to support the costs.

Every phone has a warranty that lasts the entire length of the contract. Due to this things become much easier in case something goes wrong.

The equation

On combining preferred data quantity with the desired handset, you can choose the ideal voice option. At $120 per month, the Canada-US plan is a bargain. It gives you a unique chance to have the entire continent at your disposal.

Canada – US

Complete peace of mind on both sides of the border

Plans Starting at:

Data – 2 GB in Canada & US

Talk – Unlimited in Canada & US

Text –Unlimited in Canada & US

From $ 105/MO

Data – 4 GB in Canada & US

Talk – Unlimited in Canada & US

Text –Unlimited in Canada & US

From $ 120/MO

Data – 6 GB in Canada & US

Talk – Unlimited in Canada & US

Text –Unlimited in Canada & US

From $ 130/MO

Nowadays, it’s not an unusual occurrence for entire families to place their loyalty over one carrier. To allow their customers to capitalize on this, Telus made yet another brilliant move. That is evident in introducing family discounts for their popular Canada-US plans. Phones and monthly bills are cheaper for every family member that chooses to be a client.

Best Family combos
If an international plan is too much, you can always choose some of the more modest, local and national plans. Commuting over the border on a daily basis has never been simpler. Doing so, you forget the feeling of being in another country. The comfort of not having to check your roaming expenses is a luxury not seen often.

Usually, companies only aim to boost their client body, without many benefits. This ideally suits big families. It provides a combination of stable service and support.  This is often teamed up with significant discounts.

There are also rumors that loyalty plans are coming and being offered to long-term clients. It also includes their respective family members. As per predictions, new customers will also get significant discounts and benefits in the future.

Choose the Best Variation Options and Combinations

The biggest change with the new set of plans is its astounding number of possible combinations. You can get any phone with any voice option, for any number of people. Such a freedom of choice is an excellent chance to traverse a border between countries.

It’s no surprise that Telus’s stocks and ratings rose when they put their new plans into motion. There have been plans to cancel the existence of roaming services. However, no company has been able to pull that off better than Telus. It is an excellent customer service that tops off a formidable set of plans. It brings us into a new dawn of postpaid plans.


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