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Teen Interest In iPhones At A New High And Snapchat Is The Most Popular Network

Teen Interest In iPhones At A New High And Snapchat Is The Most Popular Network


Apple’s iPhone is still a stand-out favorite amongst teenagers, and Snapchat is their favourite social network. These conclusions were reached when investment firm, Piper Jaffray recently conducted their “Taking Stock with Teens” survey. The information was collected from 6 100 teenagers spread across 44 states with an average age of 16.

Piper Jaffrey has been conducting these surveys since 2001, during which time they have surveyed over 150 000 teens and collected vital information on their spending habits when it comes to fashion and beauty, food, digital media, entertainment and gaming.

The most recent survey included average as well as high-income households, with the total income average being just above the national median in the US.

In this survey, one of the most interesting discoveries was that 78% of teenagers already possessed an iPhone and 82% expected to purchase one as their next phone.

Why the interest in iPhones?

A survey recently conducted by Fluent Marketing of 2110 adults revealed that 79% of them also preferred the iPhone so teenagers are not alone in their preference. One of the main reasons why teenagers like the phone so much seem to be because they see it as cool and trendy.

The advertising certainly paint them this way, whereas advertising for other brands tends to focus more on features than the image. The iPhone has brand recognition and teenagers are known for buying in packs.

The huge interest in iPhones might also have been influenced by the fact that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus were released recently. The iPhone X has not yet been released but it is already attracting attention from iPhone enthusiasts. It offers the next evolution in iPhone design with its fast CPU and True-Depth camera.

Snapchat a favorite

Another interesting result of the survey was that Snapchat is the favored social network of most teenagers. Facebook proved to be less popular, with only 9% saying it was their preference while 42% of teenagers preferred Snapchat.

Instagram, which has many similar features to Snapchat, was the second choice, with 24% saying this network was their favorite.

When it comes to social media networks, teenagers do not have the same preferences as their parents. Facebook is still the most popular social network amongst adults, whereas teenagers far prefer Snapchat to Facebook.

When it comes to Snapchat, the features most commonly used by teenagers are snapping (sending photos or videos) and texting. They might start a conversation with a photo and then carry on a conversation by texting.

Snapchat does not measure popularity like Facebook with its likes. It is also seen by some as more authentic than Facebook because it encourages posts made on the spur of the moment. There’s a spontaneity and ‘anything goes’ aspect to it that appeals to teenagers more than the carefully selected photos posted on Facebook.

Apple Watches also popular

The survey also found that of the teenagers who wear smartwatches, 12% of these are Apple Watches. This number is likely to rise with about 17% having aspirations to own one within the next six months. In September, Apple released the Apple Watch Series 3, the third in a series that has data connectivity, allowing wearers to send texts, make calls and use apps.

Apple Music

Finally, the survey also found an increase in teenagers subscribing to Apple’s music streaming, preferring it over YouTube and Spotify.

The results of this survey show that Apple is a brand name to be reckoned with, even when it comes to a fickle teenage market. As a teenager, it is all important to be trendy and it seems that Apple has effectively tapped into promoting image with their marketing.

When teenagers see advertising for these cool products everywhere and their friends own them, it’s no wonder that they want to own them too.




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