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Take Baby Steps Towards Securing Your Smartphone

Take Baby Steps Towards Securing Your Smartphone


We have a tendency to keep a lot of sensitive and private data on your phone. This is because we love the sense of security. The term “security” can be a little vague here. We adore the security in terms of having our important things in the comfort of our hands. However, we tend to omit the true meaning of security – making your data available only to you.

There is no telling in how much places is your data. In order to be safe, you have to secure all of it. How does one secure data? Security goes hand in hand with encryption. That term may seem vague or too complex. Because of this, it’s important to get educated about the notion of encryption. Both iOS and Android make it easy for users to arm their devices against hackers and wrongdoers.

Encryption isn’t all esoteric terms and hi-tech processes. It can also be a series of simple steps. We’ve decided to show you how – in just two easy steps. One more secured device means another step towards a safer society.

Why should I encrypt?

Encryption gives you an option of making your sensitive data useless for thieves or hackers to use. It allows you to stay safe even in emergency situations. Theft and other forms of device-jacking can become obsolete if we all encrypt our phones.

Think of what you have on your phone for a second. Private messages, contract copies, bank accounts, card information, and cryptocurrency wallets – all this can ruin your life if it falls into the wrong hands. You can erase any possibility of your life being ruined by acting maturely and preemptively.

Also, many authorities don’t respect their citizens. Many members of the police or secret services won’t hesitate to obtain your data by unlawful means. Unless you disable their options of looking at your data, you won’t be able to prove they got the data illegally. Be smart and think ahead.

The first step: Passwords

The first line of defense is always your password. There are two ways that you can make your password your best friend:

  1. Set as many passwords as you can. This can derail the chances of any hacker or thief entering your realm of sensitive data. A PIN code request, along with a default numeral-letter code, is mandatory. Some apps have their own separate password settings – use them as well, if you have sensitive data.
  2. Set the best possible passwords. Most nosy authorities will manually try to access your devices. Think of passwords that are complex and something not remotely connected with your life. Pet names, city names and parent names are out of the question. Add other symbols, preferably from other scripts. Numbers and symbols are also good, along with alternating symbols. Here’s an example:

Bad: Johniscool

Good: wAteRmElLon*478ω

The second step: Getting a VPN for your smartphone

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks. It’s basically the ultimate security feature against literally everything. More people than ever access the internet and this is truly great. We can get unlimited information wherever we want, whenever we want. There is one bad side to it – there are compromising risks. You never know who might be watching, from where and when – privacy is at risk every time you spend time online.

What can VPNs do exactly? Well, the list is kind of lengthy, but we can narrow it to some key points that concern every smartphone user:

  • They protect your phone from hackers when using a public WiFi. Bogus networks are not that rare. Hackers might trick you into connecting to a network and they can snatch all your data and passwords.
  • Want to watch/download something that’s not available in your area? A VPN can spoof your location and make it seem like you’re browsing from abroad.
  • You can hide your content from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and government. There isn’t a government in the world that can crack proper VPN encryption.
  • Gets you a spoofed IP address to protect you from malicious websites and tracking devices
  • Allows you to torrent safely. By giving you an anonymous address, a VPN ensures you that you can download illegal or sensitive data.




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