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Sony Xperia XZ1 Launches With 3-D Picture Feature For Augmented Reality

Sony Xperia XZ1 Launches With 3-D Picture Feature For Augmented Reality


At the end of August, Sony made splashes by releasing the XperiaXZ1 which has a 3-D picture feature. Augmented reality features have been a distant wish for most manufacturers. Sony managed to break that barrier and set the foundation for something potentially bigger in the future.

With the augmented reality field being dominated by Google and somewhat Apple, we are close to seeing the market becoming much more competitive.

In this article, we’ve decided to expand on the subject and help you see the significance and the bigger picture of this move by Sony. Sometimes, we tend to get caught up in the feature itself than its future repercussions.

A 3-D picture feature is an important step for photography, camera technology and viewing image capturing as a strictly 2-D experience. Things might just never be the same after this.

Sony XperiaXZ1 overview

The XperiaXZ1 has been all about camera technology and innovative and wacky features. Adding such features to a flagship phone is significant for one key reason – it allows amateurs to have pro-like features on their phones.

There were many phones with innovative camera settings and modes but never has a phone stepped so far out of bounds like the XperiaXZ1 does.

Alongside the 3-D feature, there are others that stand out and work well when combined with it. For starters, the camera is able to catch super slow motion video. Unlike most phones that possess this feature, you can interchange between this mode and the normal recording during the filming itself.

How many times have you wanted to snap a photo but you just missed the moment when capturing it? There is a real life solution to that.

The predictive capture mode allows you to actually see what was in the sight of the camera before capturing the initial image. With this addition, you can capture many awesome moments without worrying about being too precise.

An also important thing to consider is an improved contrast ratio. This makes the phone great for watching movies.

The 3-D feature – How it works exactly?

If you were expecting some sort of intricate mechanism, you will most likely be disappointed. The 3-D picture feature can be activated just by opening the camera and setting it off. You walk around the subject or the object of your 3-D capturing and scanning it multiple times. Right away, you get a real life 3-D image that can be edited.

When testing the phone, it’s not hard to master this feature and make it so that you can use it for everyday life. The only knock is that you have to be careful and not overdo the scanning, as the image might come out a little crooked. We’ve also tested it with multiple sorts of 3-D editing software and it is more than compatible with each and every one.

The significance of Sony’s 3-D feature

By installing this gimmick onto their phone, Sony have opened a proverbial Pandora’s Box of speculations, ideas, and predictions. All this is normal when a new feature arrives on the market, but there is more to it than usual.

There are significant rumors that Sony is developing several apps with associate companies. These apps will specialize in 3-D gaming. Ideas such as projecting your head onto the character in-game will also be a possibility if this catches on.

The field of augmented reality will also provide assistance for 3-D printing, too. One day, doctors might just have to snap a 3-D picture of an organ and have it ready in their 3-D printer. A feature like this will also help with assessing injuries, saving lives and correcting all sorts of damage to the human body.

Gaming is a big factor in here because Sony owns PlayStation. Their console is still the most popular in the world. Combining console gaming, smartphones and 3-D augmented reality has never been done before. If this move proves to be successful, we might witness the death of PC gaming.

Now, all this is a little overblown – but that’s what speculations and predictions are all about! Surveillance, better gaming, living breathing photography and much more could all be a reality if Sony’s idea catches on. Stay tuned…


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