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Sony Starts Rolling Out Android 8.0 Oreo Update For Xperia XZ Premium

Sony Starts Rolling Out Android 8.0 Oreo Update For Xperia XZ Premium


Over the past years, Sony was the company that not too many people really marveled at. Their phones were close to average, with as many functions as the other flagships, at a reduced cost. This gave Sony a stereotypical image of just another Android company.

When Sony noticed this, they went out into full gear. One of their latest phones, the Xperia XZ Premium, comes at a high cost, with a myriad of features. You could even say that Sony just got tired of being fair in terms of price and quality, and just went all out.

Aside from the state-of-the-art hardware and software released with the Xperia XZ Premium, what makes this phone truly stand out among the competition is the new OS update. This will be the first phone to ever receive the Android 8.0 Oreo update.

The current (Nougat) platform does offer a lot of comfort for its users, but the 8.0 takes us closer to future. The news following this title has made numerous readers think that the XZ Premium will be the only phone with this update. However, not too long after the first announcement, Sony released a list of all the phones that will get the upgrade as well.

The Future Is Now

We can safely say that every smartphone company is working towards a technological renaissance. Sony, of course, did its part in this endeavor as well. What they bring to the table is, in fact, tangible. We are referring to the biggest ever improvement made on a Sony phone.

From now on, its users will be able to 3D scan pretty much anything. This includes themselves, meaning users can share 3D images of their own bodies if they so wish. The scans can be shared on social media, but most importantly, they can be printed.

In conclusion, everyone that owns a 3D printer and a new Sony phone with Oreo 8.0 on it, can recreate anything they desire. Sony believes that 3D technology represents a leap for humanity as a whole. The reason being that we can now conjure items from literally nothing, which is very impressive.

See The World From A New Perspective

If you ever wished for an ability to capture every loveable moment with your close ones, you now have that. Sony, besides Apple, is probably the best architect of smartphone cameras. The latest technology that their products boast allows immaculate photography, no matter the moment.

The 8.0 has a feature called Predictive Capture (smile), which pretty much explains itself. The phone will automatically take four shots every time it detects a smile. Sony was not specific as to whether this will happen during the phone’s inactivity, or just during video capture. However, it’s still a wonderful feature to look forward to.

Another impressive addition to the 8.0 relating to the camera is the Autofocus Burst. This feature allows perfectly clear shots during quick movements, which means zero blur in every motion capture.

It is only a matter of speculation still, whether this feature works as intended 100% of the time. We’ve already heard of similar improvements from other companies, but Sony is definitely the one that’s been developing it the longest. This fact might give more credibility to the immaculacy of the new function.

Apps, Reinvented

The last and probably the most important upgrade that comes with Oreo are the new app shortcuts. Sony did not go into detail as to whether this will impact the speed of the phone’s use and the ease of the user’s interaction. However, we can speculate what this might represent, based on the short info that Sony disclosed.

Sony said that apps will now have an extendable menu of functions that will pop up when the app button is held. Basically, we can imagine this as a way of using the app without entering it.

That kind of improvement would surely signify a revolution in the way smartphones interact with their users. Simply put, there are all these apps that we use just for a press or two. Having those presses available without entering the app and wasting our RAM on it, is game-changing.

A New Sun On The Horizon

With 8.0 announced and released as of October 23rd, all smartphone users worldwide can expect significant changes in the coming years. With the aforementioned in mind, Sony is now the leading reinventor of the smartphone franchise.


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