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Snapchat Introduces New “Context Cards” Discovery Tool Option

Snapchat Introduces New “Context Cards” Discovery Tool Option


Snapchat recently announced the launch of a new feature called “Context Card” that adds information to photos and images. This new feature will help users to find more information about the snaps once any user swipes up on any snap.

The Context Card service is currently affiliated with Lyft, OpenTable, Tripadvisor, and Foursquare. This list of partners will expand over time. Snapchat owner Evan Spiegel stated that “By adding words and information to images, they want Snap users to act on what they see by discovering directly through images.”

Spiegel further added that Context Card will change the way information is being searched over the internet. Presently, users have to search photos and images through typing words. But with the introduction of Contextual Cards, users can search information related to photos or snaps and it will direct them to the content.

However, the current feature of Snapchat is not entirely innovative as compared to Google maps which are already offering this service. If you have ever used Google maps, you must have come across the cards. By clicking or accessing these cards, you must have found the phone number, address and special information crowdsourced by various companies. Apart from Google Maps, there are other websites and online platform which offers the same facility. With Context Cards, Spiegel highlighted that users will instead begin with images and video that will direct them to text, and more images and video.

As of now, it is up in the air whether Context Card qualifies as innovative more for future or not. However, Snapchat is considering it as a masterstroke which will help Snapchat develop a new infrastructure for its future efforts in local products or help company to enhance its revenue in future.

The Context Card will educate teenagers and youngsters to learn new concepts such as to find out how long a business or company is open or importance of making a reservation in a hotel or restaurant. These cards are relatively good for users.


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