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Smartphone Manufacturers Seem To Be Pushing The Envelope Every Year!

Smartphone Manufacturers Seem To Be Pushing The Envelope Every Year!


Many aims to make the smartphone of the year or at the very least generate enough publicity towards their devices. We saw this last year with the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and most importantly, the ZTE Axon M.

The ZTE Axon M; Pushing the Boundaries on the Number of Displays

If you haven’t heard about the ZTE Axon M, it’s a smartphone with two displays. It didn’t garner much publicity last year. With that said, it did push the envelope quite a bit in terms if display capabilities. It’s not polished by any means, but a step in the right direction. We aren’t here to talk about other smartphones.

The Rumored Vivo VX7 Play

The topic of the day is the recent leaks of the Vivo VX7 Play. The features of this smartphone if true, is going to blow everyone away. Vivo as a smartphone manufacturer is known for pushing the boundary of what features a smartphone can have.

It also looks like they are trying to push for the accolade of best smartphone of the year 2018 (at least concerning specifications). Recent leaks of the new flagship, the VX7 play show that the device might spot a 10GB RAM. There has never been a device to detect this much RAM since the inception of the smartphone.

Vivo VX7 Play Expected Features

It’s going to be backed up by a 4K OLED display and a Snapdragon 845 SoC. Not a bad phone by any stretch. You’ll get a fantastic display as well as a fast processor to back up a significant amount of RAM. We can only imagine how many apps can be run on the phone without lag.

According to the leaks, it will also have up to 512 GB of storage as well as an under the screen fingerprint sensor. The under display fingerprint sensor is also something to be lauded. Smartphone makers like Samsung and Apple have been trying to get this on their smartphones for quite some time with no success yet.

Vivo already did this with the Vivo X20 Plus UD. How good is it? Well, only time will tell. We’ll have to wait and see after the devices hit the market thoroughly and test the feature out ourselves. Either way, the company should be lauded for taking such a bold move; hopefully, the risk is worth it in the end.

Rumored Features Obtained From Weibo

These leaks were obtained from Weibo, the Chinese social media platform. The leaks detailed the specification of the supposed Vivo VX7 Play. If the rumors are true, the current phone will be a phone that will garner a lot of publicity in 2018.

According to images leaked online, the Vivo VX7 Play will also sport the synaptic powered fingerprint recognition technology like the earlier released X20 Plus UD. On top of that, the X7 Play will also be the first device to have a Qualcomm SoC since the XPlay 6. At the time, it was the only phone in Vivo to have a chip from Qualcomm.

Vivo is still keeping up with the latest trends with this upcoming device. It’ set to have a 4K OLED display with a 92.9% screen to body ratio. This is keeping up with the full display/bezzless display trend that has caught up with the latest devices. Some of the favorite tools to spot this trend are the Google Pixel 2 XL, the iPhone X, and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

On top of that, the X7 Play is also expected to keep its reputation as a camera phone. According to leaks, it’s supposed to have a dual rear camera with 4X optical zoom. It’s also expected to come in 2 storage variants, 256 GB and 512 GB, and both coupled with 10 GB of RAM.

It’s speculated that the significant storage amount is to cater for the 4K videos. Videos in this format tend to take up a lot of space. There is no official update on the pricing or the availability of the device. It’s rumored that it will be available in the coming weeks with a starting price of $500. Vivo is genuinely pushing the envelope with this device as it’ll be the first phone to have RAM in the double digits. Whether it’ll be great, we’ll have to wait and see once the device hits the markets.


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