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Setting Up Face ID On iPhone X – Explained

Setting Up Face ID On iPhone X – Explained


After the launch of new iPhone X, several bloggers and vloggers have come up with their post showing their hands-on experience with the amazing smartphone. The new iPhone X that features a super retina display, wireless charging, a true depth camera and Face ID is expected to cost between $1319 – 1529 CAD for 64GB and 256GB version respectively.

Out of the plethora of features introduced in Apple’s iPhone X, Face ID recognition is extremely popular among iPhone X seekers. Those who are not aware of this feature and don’t know how to setup Face ID, here is the chance to learn and enjoy the amazing feature as YouTube’s popular channel “Booredatwork” recently shared a tutorial describing ‘how to setup Face ID on iPhone X’.

Those acquiring the new iPhone X, the first thing to set up is the Face ID once they unbox their device.

Therefore to setup new Face ID on iPhone X, you can follow the following steps:

One – Move to the settings option on the new iPhone X and click on the “Face ID & Passcode” option. Now click on Set up Face ID option.

Two – As soon as you click on the option, your iPhone will guide you to first position your face in front of the camera frame. Once your phone detects your face, move your head in the circle appearing on the screen to show all the angles of your face.

Three- In this step you have to move your head slowly to complete the circle. You will need to repeat your head twice in order to complete the setup process.

Four – Once you setup your Face ID, you will need to unlock your iPhone X with your face by just enabling the display and looking at the screen. With this, your Face ID on the iPhone X will be created.



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