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Samsung’s Absurd New Curved Monitor Will Drown You in Excel

Samsung’s Absurd New Curved Monitor Will Drown You in Excel


Samsung is marketing a larger computer monitor than many televisions.

Samsung has surprised its followers when presenting its new monitor. It is the CHG90, a 49-inch monitor with option to use double screen, curved, and HDR. It also has QLED technology. Without a doubt this model is one of the most complete and ideal to play games.

Samsung CHG90: New 49-inch curved monitor

It is not the only one they have presented. There are also this new model CHG70 with 27 or 31.5 inches, although the leading role is taken by the latter, which has certainly surprised everyone.


Features Samsung CHG90

This 49-inch monitor catches the eye because of its size. Also, it is necessary to emphasize the striking curved form that it possesses. They have a ratio of 32: 9. In this case, the curve is 1,800 R (radius with curvature of 1,800 millimeters). Its viewing angle is 178 degrees. We have also been able to know its resolution; it is an ultra-panoramic FullHD, 3,840 x 1,080 pixels (Double Full HD).

In addition, these new monitors from Samsung, both the CHG90 and the CHG70 are the first of the company to have support for AMD technology Radeon FreeSync 2, confirmed by the Korean company itself. It is known as the first HDR AMD FreeSync 2 Monitor in the world. As you can see in the filtered images, you can bet on the double screen on this 49-inched monitor, which given its size, is comfortable and useful.

Availability and price

These monitors will be on sale this summer, at least in the United States. We have already been able to know the prices that will have in the American market, to give us an idea. The 27-inch model will cost $ 599, while the 31.5 is $ 699. How much does the CHG90 cost? The 49-inch monitor is priced at $ 1,499.

What do you think these new monitors Samsung? No doubt they look for to cause furor in the world of the gaming.


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