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Samsung to exterminate all their Galaxy Note 7’s in the US and how the company will get back up!

Samsung to exterminate all their Galaxy Note 7’s in the US and how the company will get back up!


If you weren’t in jail or didn’t follow the news last year you probably know that Samsung sold explosives in the form of Note 7’s. These devices which were a crossover between a smartphone and a tablet (phablet) had a little problem with their batteries… Or rather a big one, the Note 7 batteries had a problem with their electrodes. This problem caused these batteries to overheat when charged and explode or catch fire.

Later that year on September 15 Samsung recalled all Galaxy Note 7’s in the United States then on October 10 made the recall worldwide. Various networking companies in the US then worked with Samsung, launching updates that barred Note 7’s from connecting to networks. Samsung even further launched updates that stopped the battery from charging beyond a certain percentage. The tech manufacturer has now launched an update that has stopped Note 7’s from charging at all.

Through recalls and kill updates Samsung has managed to put 96 to 97 percent of all Galaxy Note 7’s out of use.

But we have to remember this. The Galaxy Note 7 was a great device and many had praised it for it is wonderful features and polished look. This is why there were some people who are very reluctant at returning their phones and even worse disabling some of its functions.

These holdouts, bunch together in Facebook groups and other chat sites like Reddit. One co-founder of a holdout Facebook group said she won’t give up her Note 7 because its stylus functions well among other features too. She further said that she’s an adult and has the right to choose whether she wants to keep her phone or not. The holdout co-leader said she might consider turning in her for a Galaxy Note 8 if it meets her requirements.

Right now to help discourage Galaxy Note 7 use, it has been banned in flights, trains and various other modes of transport in the US and abroad. Even with these bans, some continue to use these highly flammable devices. Others are hard at work finding out tricks and hacks to stop updates from functioning on their phones.

One of the large networking companies Verizon has cautioned all holdouts to return their Note 7’s. If they don’t turn their devices on Verizon said that they will cut off calls coming from Note 7’s not going to emergency services. Verizon said calls will be redirected to their customer service number. On that the networking company said it will start handing out bills to anyone else still using a Note 7.

However, even though Samsung disappointed the world with selling us hand grenades instead of handsets. The company has a good track record of creating the finest smartphones, tablets and another tech. There still more great products, especially in the smartphone category to expect from Samsung.

Samsung has said that their next range of devices will go through an even more rigorous safety check routine. Batteries will get severely scrutinized by specialists hired by the company. To be more specific batteries for upcoming Samsung models like the S8 series and Note 8 will even go through an X-ray test. For each individual battery!

One of Samsung’s executives, D.J Koh said they’re going introduce a brand new manufacturing process as from now on. Koh further said the company will be sharing their new battery checking procedure with international standard-setting organizations. He then said Samsung will make information on the new battery safety standards available, free for anyone’s personal use.

Koh then finally said that even though customers need and are always expecting new and improved products from them. They’ll make sure to keep an even keener eye out for safety measures. Even though Samsung has dealt a nearly fatal blow with the Note 7 saga, Koh still believes that the company will win back customer loyalty in the long run.


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