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Samsung Portable SSD T5 Review

Samsung Portable SSD T5 Review


If you’re an avid PC or laptop user, you probably know that the introduction of SSDs (solid-state drives) is one of the most significant moments of the last decade. Even though GPUs are in a constant state of evolution, other PC components are lagging behind terribly, and it’s becoming more and more evident. Thankfully, SSDs don’t under that category. If you switched your data storage from a classic hard drive to an SSD, you must have noticed the advantages of the SSD system.

Even though some SSDs are expensive to the average PC user, they are still undeniably the most useful and beneficial way of storing data vital to you. However, a recent revolution has driven down the prices of SSDs, making the affordable more than ever. Amongst the front-runners in this category is the Samsung T5, the younger brother of the T3. Let’s take a look at the latest and most exciting SSD from Samsung and how does it perform.

Design and box contents

By merely looking at the design, you can’t help but fall in love immediately. The T5 is only a little bit bigger than your average credit card and just a shade thicker than your average smartphone. All this makes it the ideal candidate for placement in your pocket.

It has no moving parts, and it includes an added amount of resistance to falls. Samsung claims that it can withstand drops of up to 2 meters, but don’t be tempted to test this too often. The aluminum casing is in two colors, of which the shades vary depending on the capacity you use. 250 and 500 GB differ, as well as the 1 and 2 TB models. All in all, in the box you will get the following – the SSD, a manual and as well as two cables.

Specs, features, and performance

Perhaps the most significant innovation is the support for USB 3.1 Gen. 2 connectivity, which offers a considerable boost in the speed department. Theoretically, you can achieve speeds of up to 10Gbps, but something like that is not yet achievable by modern technology. Realistically speaking, you can expect transfer speeds of up to 550Mbps, a 20% increase in comparison to the T3.

What we loved the most about this SSD is the small amount of bundled software. Out of the 500 GB, you get to use 465, which is a high mark according to today’s standards. With the SSD, you get the Samsung PortableSSD app, which makes using the drive much more comfortable. You can also set passwords and ensure the security of your beloved device.

Another good thing about this application is that it allows you to search for firmware updates for the SSD. Although there aren’t any native apps that show you the health/status of the drive, the LED lights do just fine. The solid blue means the drive is plugged in or idles, and the blinking blue light signifies that a writing process is currently working at the moment.

To conclude, the performance of the Samsung T5 has been pretty stable, regardless of the PC or laptop brand that we tested. Such a consistency regardless of the situation is something that was much needed in the still you world of SSDs.

The verdict

An unlikely pro to this device is the fact that it has both USV type-A and type-C cables included, which many manufacturers don’t do. The design is a massive plus, due to the low-key shape and stylish design it displays. It’s also one of the smallest SSDS on the market. It may be the start of a trend that will gain more traction over the years.

The value for money is excellent, despite the supposedly steep price. However, there are cheaper models, and the performance is entirely worth the investment. You will get excellent value through this reliable, efficient, and irreplaceable Samsung SSD. A massive recommendation!!!


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