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Samsung Galaxy S8 –Important Facts and the Daydream Support

Samsung Galaxy S8 –Important Facts and the Daydream Support


Much has been talked about the Galaxy S8, ever since the announcement in March. Hype has been building up gradually until it finally exploded when it launched a month later. With all the expectations, it’s safe to say that it meets each one of them, now that the dust has settled.

It seems that ongoing battle for supremacy between the top brands is endless. Besides, Samsung, Apple, iOS and Android, the Galaxy S8 is a revolutionary step. Whether this was a decisive blow to their rivals, it is unknown yet. What is sure, but, is the massive success. Samsung has amassed with the release of this model.

Let’s dig deep into all the important features, old and new. We would also like to go in depth about the great news of the Google Daydream. It is a huge release for the S8 and the S8 Plus models.

What gives it an Outstanding Shape and Tech?

Gorilla Glass is something we always love to see and by hold the Galaxy S8, you can see the strength of it. The curved display makes any watching experience worth committing yourself to it.

Another astonishing detail is that the weight of the device is only 155 grams. On adding everything else to the equation, it is safe to say that Samsung tops the standards for elegance.

We also couldn’t help but love the strengthened 3000 mAh battery. After many tests, it was evident that Samsung means business with it. The estimation of talk time at 20+ hours and music play stands at a jaw-dropping 67 hours makes it versatile. With a total endurance rating of 8rs, it might take away the best battery crown at the end of the year.

What makes it Efficient?

Nougat or Android 7.0 is the most logical and easiest to use Android OS to date. We found it worth trying it out. So far, not a single overload has come up when we were testing it. Many people think that its features make a part of James Bond movie. Yet, Samsung brought them into reality.

How about combining an iris scanner, a rear mounted fingerprint scanner and an accelerometer? You can also add the proximity sensor, the heart rate monitors and the barometer to the mix. Many excellent features still wait to join this list. It’s rare that an excellent OS uses it to the fullest by the manufacturer. Against all odds, Samsung outdid themselves with the S8 setup.

Next up, you have 64 GB of internal storage, with a potential 256 GB greatest boost. We love the lack of unnecessary apps and the use of the so-called clean Android OS. You get to choose what you install and there are no useless apps on clogging up the memory.

With all the improvements, it’s hard not to be ecstatic. It will be proved after the tests. What makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 a real customer magnet is a brand new feature that is incomparable.

Daydream support- Opening new windows of opportunity

Released on the first of August, it caused a lot of stir within the tech circles. To kick off the Daydream campaign, Google launched it only for Asus, Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo. What makes the Galaxy S8 Daydream launch incredible is the sheer potential.

It’s without a doubt the most rated Smartphone today. Because of that, Daydream should show its true qualities on it. A wise decision to release it soon. At the exact same time, Google started a sale for the Daydream headset and controller. Earlier it was $129 and $79, whereas now you can get it for only $59.

This is what we love about Samsung and what makes them special. They are a prestigious company, but they know when to lower the prices. Knowledge about how to improve the company, in the long run, is a rare instance nowadays.

All in all, if you’re looking for an ideal phone in terms of price-to-performance ratio, you got your candidate. Since it’s already been 4 months after the launch, promotions are kicking in and the prices are cheaper. We’re excited about the Daydream launch and we’ll keep you updated about the development.


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