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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ – Features and Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ – Features and Reviews


The year 2017 has a clear winner, and it’s Samsung. From here, their trajectory can only be upwards. They’ve set the ground for two groundbreaking top shelf phones. Both have come out with great expectations and have met them with style so far. After the Galaxy Note 7, many held doubts about the potential performance of the S8 and S8+ duo.

With clever marketing, well-rounded aesthetics and state of the art performances, it is clear who rules the Android OS. It’s not easy to burst out of the darkness with the odds stacked against, but Samsung did that. So, let’s take a good hard look at these two sibling phones and the nitty-gritty within and about them.

Galaxy S8- Features and Reviews

Before we round up the stats and features, there is an important characteristic that you must know. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a confidence restorer and has tipped the scales in favor of the Korean tech giant. It has equal amounts of excellence and stability; enough get everyone out of their seats.

Stylish exterior

When you slide your finger over the extended, 5.8 inch screen, you’ll realize where Samsung put their focus on. The display is flashy, but very functional at the same time. In comparison to older models, an edge-to-edge screen enhances the interface.

With the fingerprint and iris scanners, you won’t need to have the hassle of typing in the code every time. The only thing that may be a problem is the placed fingerprint scanner. It may need some time to get used to it, but it will prove to be practical in the end.

The color choices are a bit unorthodox, but they also present a change in company policy. This is true on every front, as we’ve never seen Samsung so keen to experiment.

Flawless interior

Where to start with this startling example of efficiency? A nice place would be the 3000 mAh battery that is without a doubt the best Samsung has ever introduced.

RAM memory is always in abundance when it comes to the Galaxy series, but this is still a pleasant surprise. Many Flash Player and Java using apps didn’t slow the phone at all during the testing process.

With the added Daydream support, there are endless possibilities of this excellent smartphone. Add the upcoming Android O, and see the best this wonderful addition to the tech world can offer.


Galaxy S8+- Features and Reviews

If you’ve seen the Galaxy S8 somewhere and you’ve liked it, you’re going to fall in love now. If that 5.8 inch screen wasn’t enough to meet your expectations, then 6.2 might do the trick.  Since, it didn’t fall behind its smaller sibling, the S8. A version for people who like bigger phones meets every expectation.

Sophisticated exterior

Many people had fears that the quality of the display will be less because of the size. They couldn’t have been more wrong, as the excellent resolution and shape form an explosion of 6.2 inches. This gives the Galaxy S8+ a great future as a complete phone. Bring it to use for everything, and handle complex business ventures.

The color ways are even more impressive than the ones available for its predecessor. It makes it more stylish. What we found strange is the location of the fingerprint scanner. You can’t grasp it right with the increase in size. Yet again, this isn’t a giant problem, but it can get annoying in the beginning.

Elegant interior

Samsung made, low-key, the best tech move of the year when they didn’t change the specs. The only thing that differs in comparison with the S8 is a stronger, 3500 mAh battery. By leaving the S8 hardware the same, they’ve proven their faith in the new and improved processor and RAM. When conducting all the tests, the bigger screen didn’t cause a single problem.

The dual-SIM option is what makes this a winner for Samsung and pretty much anyone that owns it. When combined with the increased screen and the Daydream support, you won’t ever need a PC or a laptop again. What is yet to be seen is how the Galaxy S8+ performs under the upcoming Android O, but hopes are high.


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