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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery Put Through More Rigorous Safety Checks, Company Says

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery Put Through More Rigorous Safety Checks, Company Says


Not many companies can recover from mishaps that can potentially forever damage their reputation. Thankfully, Samsung is not just a company, it’s a household name in the smartphone and tech world and it wouldn’t let a simple mistake ruin their chances of future success.

We all remember the tragic discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 last year when numerous customers reported their phone either exploding or melting because of an unsafe battery.

The best thing Samsung could have done was to react right away and refund everyone. They did just that and the damage control was pulled off in the best way possible.

Now, a new dawn is upon us and it looks like Samsung has taken the Galaxy Note 8 launch more seriously than anyone could have expected. They’ve put the battery through the grueling test, with cooperation from Underwriter labs. Let’s take a look at the overview of the new battery.

A new beginning

The Galaxy Note 8 is more than just a flagship devices, it symbolizes a new beginning for the South Korean tech giant. With such a stellar device, they hope to rebuild the trust of their customers and increase their customer base at the same time.

In order to pull this off, they had to be absolutely sure that the battery scandal won’t happen again. To prove that they’ve taken this flagship phone seriously, a detailed report about all the tests and regulations was published.

It consists of many stringent examinations and tests, all built to make sure that the Galaxy 8 will have both a powerful and safe battery.

Underwriter Labs gave Samsung a hand in this procedure and the testing process is more complex and more rigorous than ever.

The testing itself                                             

When it comes to the tests, they were conducted in multiple version – some were done exclusively by Samsung, some were assisted by Underwriter Labs and the last batch was done by UL separately. Such a multitude of layers done by both companies’ shows the will Samsung has to bounce back and win over its once loyal companies.

The tests are said to contain heat exposure, freezing conditions, and extended use. The extended use part is where it gets interesting, as Universal Labs put the power source to the ultimate tests.

It handled overly extensive charging pretty well and it didn’t even heat up when exposed to constant recharging. These are all good signs and so far, the battery has performed masterfully.

Pre-orders are beginning soon and shipping starts on September 15 so we only have to wait out the device so we can see how safe this phablet really is. By the looks of it, there is no way that something will go wrong, given the fact that Underwriter Labs is a reputable company, to say the least.

A policy change

Perhaps the most significant move made by Samsung was ditching their long-time Chinese partner ATL. A change was required after the incident and Samsung made a great decision by seizing the opportunity and changing their policy for the better.

From now on, batteries in all Samsung devices will be split between Samsung SDI and Murata. Both companies will share the heavy lifting – Samsung SDI will take care of 80 percent of the total battery count, while Murata will do the rest.

Murata has shown great promise in the past, so this is a good indication that they might handle the responsibilities even more in the future.

Other Galaxy Note 8 specs to be excited about

A Galaxy Note 8 with an improved 3300 mAh battery is always a clear candidate for the top and can easily wreak havoc on the market as we know it.

A strong Samsung is a guarantee that other companies will strive to better their devices and bring down prices. It’s a win-win for everyone. If the battery situation is safe and resolved, we can take a deep breath and focus on the myriad of excellent specs on this device.

A 6.3-inch display will be a staple of quality resolution for years to come. If the Snapdragon 835 SoC and the 6 GB of RAM are any indications – you should really be excited for the beginning of the pre-order period.



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