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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) – First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) – First Impressions


Something that puts Samsung ahead of all competition, according to some experts, is the fact that they don’t focus solely on flagship telephones. This company policy is evident by the fact that they keep strengthening their higher mid-range phone roster. A new member of that roster is the surprisingly elegant Galaxy A8+, which was launched in India not too long ago.

With a new plan to take over the year 2018, Samsung wanted to make sure that their intentions are clear. Right way, with this launch, Samsung has decided to show us that they intend not only to dominate the flagship market, but also the other levels of the smartphone industry. In the dawn of the Indian launch of this model, let’s take a look at what it has to offer us.

The Outlook

Much like the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8, this classy device has all the classic signs of a Samsung device of this era. The proportions, the Infinity Display, the glass back and curved edges – all this points to the fact that Samsung are happy with their results and that they want to repeat on the success.

Something that might not appeal to some people is that it’s not very compact when you’re holding it. Also, the 191g weight may seem like a worse fit than the lighter Galaxy S8 and even the Galaxy S8 Plus. However, given the fact that we tested this phone for a limited amount of time, it’s sure to stop being a problem after some getting used to it.

A significant change is the introduction of the dual selfies camera, the first such case in a Samsung phone.  It first very well with the large display, which was enlarged so much that Samsung introduced on-screen touch keys for this model as well. Another plus is the presence of the headphone jack, the keeping of which turned out to be a great decision.

The glass back is incredibly shiny and impressive when taken out of the box. The emphasis is on that moment only, as it becomes smudged in an instant. Another worrying thing is the problematic of falling. How will it survive a fall? Oh well, we’ll just going to have to test that as well.

The hardware                                                                     

Samsung decided to go all in with this one. The new octa-core Samsung Exynos 7885 SoC does the processing work, quickly proving to be the best mid-range processor in the smartphone game. As we’ve determined, it’s able to handle insane loads of activity without any significant lagging or usage lapses. For more extensive tests, you will have to stay tuned during the upcoming period.

We’ve already discussed the two selfie camera setup, but the back one also deserves praise. The 16 MP sensors is praise worthy, not because it’s the best in the business or something, but mostly because it brings great value for a mid-range smartphone.

The battery capacity is promising at a cool 3500 mAh, but we have yet to see how it withstands computing and performing tasks at an Android version higher than Nougat 7.1.1. Which bring us to the discussion off.

The software

Out of all the major manufacturers, Samsung gets the most criticism for their software. The main reason behind these slander sessions is the abundance of fluff software, Samsung apps that you don’t really need, but can’ delete either. However, this version of Samsung’s Android 7.1.1.comes with a bit of a surprise.

There is much less fluff software, which is something that may attract more and more customers.  Many are the instances of people abandoning Samsung due to fluff apps and unnecessary things. In addition to the fluff reduction, we get to see a plethora of Microsoft apps. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and LinkedIn are all default, which is great to see.

There is not news on whether an Oreo update is near or not, but we like what we see. In an otherwise competitive market, Samsung is about to make waves with this model. With key additions, a remodeling and a reasonable price, Samsung has a horse to race with the other significant mid-range phones of the market. Going to be a boom.


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