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Samsung Could Launch A Cheaper Galaxy Note 8 Variant With 4GB RAM

Samsung Could Launch A Cheaper Galaxy Note 8 Variant With 4GB RAM


On August 23, Samsung took the wraps off their latest flagship phablet (a phone and tablet hybrid). They did so in style, only arranging an intimate and short reveal ceremony.

Because of this, not many people have been able to take a proper look at the contender for the phone of the year. The good news is that a proper reveal is imminent at the IFA 2017, which will take place from August 31 in Berlin.

Aside from all the majestic specs and innovations, the thing that caught everyone’s eye is the pretty steep possible $1000 price. Although this hasn’t been confirmed, many credible sources aim at that particular price range.

Such a move might render the phone unavailable to the majority, but there is a glimmer of hope. A couple of credible sources and insiders have announced that a cheaper version of the Galaxy 8 is to be launched.

We believe it’s going to contain slightly weaker hardware, but let’s get to the bottom of this speculation.

Broadening the market

Given the fact that phablets are aimed at an extremely limited body of people, broadening the group at which the device is aimed at is a pretty good move. Samsung realized this is time and is probably the best manufacturer and one of the first that aims at making their devices widely available.

Because the supreme 6.3-inch display is high maintenance and it is fit for graphic design and all sorts of visual endeavors, it makes the price a little steeper.

That steep price (predicted to be around $1000) can be a factor that prevents non-professional people from purchasing it.

In order to remove this obstacle, Samsung may have decided to reduce the specs on the Galaxy Note 8 and sell it as a separate version, at a lower price.

Given the fact that Samsung is still recovering from the Galaxy Note 7 incident, this might turn out to be the underrated best move of the summer.

A small reduction for a small discount – will it affect performance?

When ITHome announced that there was a leak concerning this surprise, yet unannounced release, the news created a splash all around the tech community. The details say that every single piece of hardware will remain unchanged, except the RAM. From an initial 6 GB, it will be reduced to 4 GB.

Now, some experts have pointed out the possibility of this discount backfiring. With a reported price of around $800, this different version of the Galaxy S8 might just be a bargain. A possible backfire is nothing more than just wild speculations. Samsung devices are famous for not requiring a high amount of RAM, which makes the 4 GB more than enough.

This may affect the number of high-usage applications open at one time, but it’s a change that you will barely notice or not notice at all. The 1440 x 2960 AMOLED display should function more than fine with the reduced RAM quantity.


Like we’ve said, there is no official report on this variation of the Galaxy Note 8 being in plans. The sources are very credible and have good insider knowledge about the industry.

Therefore, the best bet is to expect a sudden announcement, with no reveal. It could be followed by instant shipping.

A slight problem might be that this 4 GB variant of the Galaxy Note 8 may only see the light of day in South Korea. It sounds worse than it actually is – Samsung release man of their unorthodox models only in Korea first and in the rest of the world after 2 months.

A deeper meaning?

This ambitious move by Samsung means that they are aiming for a profit increase in Eastern Europe and Southern Asia, the markets always considered the weakest for their standards.

By bringing in more revenue, they might be inclined to drop the prices of their future phones. This move could just broaden their influence with the less wealthy customers.

Such a decision might also be to counter Huawei’s myriad of low prices. So far, there is not one manufacturer that has combined reasonable prices with supreme quality. If everything goes as planned, Samsung might do it.


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