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Samsung Announces a New W2018 Flip Phone with Dual Displays and a Record f/1.5 Camera Lens

Samsung Announces a New W2018 Flip Phone with Dual Displays and a Record f/1.5 Camera Lens


After a flood of rumors and speculations in previous months, Samsung has unveiled their latest Android flip phone: the Samsung W2018. The phone was released during a launch event in China to mark the 10th anniversary of Samsung’s W series. It will go on sale mainly from China Telecom and has already attracted great attention from tech buffs. Undoubtedly, the clamshell device boasts both fantastic specs and premium design. Let’s take a closer look.

Dual Displays

The W2018 device features two Full HD 4.2-inch AMOLED displays. The dual displays contribute to the device’s retro-modern look, especially together with its T9 physical keyboard and directional pad. What is also of note given that this is a flip phone is that you do not need to open the phone in order to use the screens.

Unique Camera Lens

While dual displays have expectedly attracted attention, the feature that has made Samsung’s W2018 big tech news is its camera lens. In terms of optics, the device truly stands out from all existing models. Its 12MP rear-facing primary camera boasts aperture size of f/1.5 for night shots and f/2.4 aperture for normal daytime shots. This is a record in the smartphone industry, beating models such as LG V30 with aperture size at f/1.6.

In practice, this feature is particularly important for night shots. Samsung claims that the phone can capture clear pictures in less light compared to all other phones on the market. The special software allows the camera to sense when there’s enough light to switch to f/2.4. In addition, dual-pixel auto-focus and optical image stabilization further guarantee superior picture quality.

“Hi Bixby, what’s true luxury?”

Another feature that Samsung pride themselves in is the Bixby voice assistant. The W2018 features a handy Bixby button for activating Bixby Voice. Bixby is designed to assist you with daily tasks, remind you of events or provide a range of real-world information. It can also take advantage of the phone’s camera to identify your location, to tell you what you are looking at, as well as to offer directions.

It was this feature that Samsung highlighted in their Chinese ad (now often criticized as cheesy), saying “Hi Bixby, what’s true luxury?” The voice assistant software is by no means a new “luxury”, but surely adds to the device’s attractiveness.


Aside from its top-notch specs, the W2018 features attractive retro-modern design. The dual screen and keypad add a sense of nostalgia and are a part of Samsung’s testing of the appeal of retro foldable phones. Still, its metal-and-glass body adds a predominant note of the modern, contributing to a sleek and trendy look. The design has been compared to the Flagship 8 (SM-G9298) introduced this August, though with some differences in the position of the camera and the fingertip sensor.

The body is protected by Gorilla Glass and comes in gold and platinum colors. The dimensions- are 132.2mm×63.2mm, but when folded the phone measures 15.9mm and weighs only 247 g.


What you are probably most eager to hear is the W2018 pricing. However, Samsung is still keeping this aspect of their product a secret, having issued no information on prices and availability yet.

What we know is that the new device will be released in China first, and will come with added (and surely price-boosting!) perks such as concierge help at airports and subways and a hotline for VIPs only. Taking into consideration the specs and all these features, we could speculate that the price will go upwards of $3,000, the price tag of the earlier W2017.

With all its perks and uniqueness, this might be too high a price for most people, so we are yet to see how popular “true luxury” will be with consumers.


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