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Samsung and KDDI test run 5G networking!

Samsung and KDDI test run 5G networking!


What is a 5G network and how will it change anything? Mostly 5G is said to be working

in high-frequency bands, which is around 30 GHz to 300 GHz. They work in what is known as the millimeter wave spectrum. These “waves” transfer ton loads of data at supersonic speeds.

Despite the great speeds these frequencies can achieve. They can’t travel very far and have problems when facing obstacles like trees and walls. Some 5G developers have been said to use frequencies around -6 GHz because of their stability.

Everyone is familiar whatever frequency Samsung and KDDI have been using. We know they were using an unreleased end to end setup. This was made up of a 5G CPE

router, 5G radio access unit with a virtualized RAN and core.

With this, the two companies were able to achieve a whopping 1.7 Gbps speed on a train going at well over 100 Kmph! They also successfully downloaded an 8k video using the router. A 4K video was also shot on the train and uploaded using this new 5G setup.

But this is more than the just speedy internet. Samsung’s Youngky Kim said, “The potential that 5G holds is powerful enough to transform our daily lives.” And it is!

5G is created with a bigger picture than the ordinary smartphone, tablet, and laptop in mind. We’re talking about an intricate network which will be connecting AI controlled cars.

Imagine live streaming a concert in Berlin and maybe you’re at Seattle via your Virtual Reality headsets without any lag! After that, a delivery drone drops off your pizza. Now that’s what 5G is really about!

This new type of networking is also about providing reliable connectivity to billions of gadgets without slowing down. Even when you’re in a place full people you’ll still get a decent connection with 5G.

Going back to the problem of 5G, it is not performing well when faces obstacles. There is a wireless system called MIMO which employs a lot of radios. Sending and receiving data at the same time, which many current generation networks are struggling with?

Current networks like 4G and 3G supports only a certain number of transmitters (up to and receivers (up to 4). 5G is expected to handle way more than that.

How will 5G affect the economy? As humankind, we’ve always looked for faster ways to conduct business. Take for example the invention of the wheel, railroads and even airplanes and stock markets!

Now imagine how much better will 5G speeds increase production in factories, the media, and even consumers will be getting a more satisfying experience. Information will be more accessible. Online education will be a great deal better, especially since there’ll be zero lag in all your classes.

A reliable source even states that better technology (that is 5G enabled devices). When programmed to monitor safety at workplaces. Injuries could go down by up to 20%. It saves the global economy around $225 billion per annum.

The source also further claimed that 5G will lower data transmission costs and increase machine to machine exchange. By that, the 5G industry alone will help make the world $3.5 trillion richer and support up to 22 million jobs!

5G is expected to be out and about worldwide by 2020. But at the moment nobody rightfully knows what it is or will be. There have been no standards set out for it except that it must be way better than current networks. And this is the beauty of 5G, sheer and utter freedom to create!

This should allow more freedom to improve for its developers. Although it is seen that many big and trusted tech companies shy away from it. It’s exciting to see a well-known tech giant like Samsung having a hand in creating this amazing new form of network. This also applies to KDDI; these are great examples of businesses “taking us into the future”!


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