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Sale of Apple Watches Goes Doubled Since Last Year – Apple CEO Tim Cook Revealed

Sale of Apple Watches Goes Doubled Since Last Year – Apple CEO Tim Cook Revealed


Last week Apple Inc revealed its quarter 2 (Q2) earning report which surprised almost everyone. Apple CEO Tim Cook during the Q2 2017 earnings call revealed that the sales of Apple watches has nearly doubled in comparison to the sales report of 2016.

However, Apple still hasn’t revealed the exact sales figures of the Apple Watches publically, which the company used to do in the case of iPad and iPhone. Another surprise came, when other figures were revealed which showed the number of iPhones consumer purchased has fallen flat, showing decrease of 1% over the same quarter last year. Still the company generated a revenue of $52.9 billion USD.

The company has really made a smart move by revealing the hint of success rate with the Watches sales performance as the wearable market has seen some doom from the last few months and there are not many competitors left now. Also, many other developers have already ditched the platform. Still, there are some hope as Google says that they are planning to bring Maps back to Apple Watch in the future.

Tim (CEO) also revealed in a statement that the revenue which the company earned from different versions of Apple Watch exceeds revenue earned from its headphones and its AirPods. This also shows that Apple’s wearable division does hold people’s interest and it could bring more revenue for the company.

However, the company should keep one thing in mind: if they want tech lovers and other investors to believe that Apple Watches is selling well, they should release a specific sales report or graph revealing the actual selling statistics for the wearable.


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