Home Carrier Rogers offers $50, 4GB loyalty plan to lead telecom industry competition
Rogers offers $50, 4GB loyalty plan to lead telecom industry competition

Rogers offers $50, 4GB loyalty plan to lead telecom industry competition


After Fido has announced its much talked $38/4GB Promo targeting especially the freedom mobile users, subsequently Rogers has also come up with a lucrative $50 per month ‘loyalty plan” for retention of the existing customers only.

The 4 GB, BYOD loyalty plan encompasses several features which are drawing the attention of Rogers customer toward it.

The plan mainly includes:-

  • Unlimited free calling in Canada
  • 4 GB Data
  • Call Forwarding and Call Transfer option
  • Unlimited SMS, MMS (Multimedia messages such as photos), and video calls
  • Voicemail
  • Name/Call Display

It is considered to be the response to TELUS-owned Public Mobile’s $38/4GB plan targeting Freedom Mobile switchers.

To avail benefits of this exciting plan, you need to call Rogers – not the front desk of a kiosk. Once your call gets connected, ask the representative to transfer your call to the retention department and tell them that you want to opt for this plan. Eventually, under RFD, they would help you to get this plan.

However, if you don’t get assistance in the first call, don’t give up and call them again.

After getting this plan, you can request the team to have it kick in at your next billing cycle. Many people who opted for this plan successfully transferred their $5-month value pack which includes voice mails.

Rogers had introduced this plan in this December, but that plan did not have Roam-like-home option like the recent plans do.

This plan has caught the attention of many people and many of them are shifting from existing 6 GB plan as it helps them save $15 per month.

The deal saves around $35 from a regular 4GB plan. If you’re looking for better deals without sacrificing a lot of the features you already enjoy, this might be a good plan for you.


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