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Rogers Launches New Data Manager Feature ‘Stream Saver’ To Save Users Data

Rogers Launches New Data Manager Feature ‘Stream Saver’ To Save Users Data


Last week, Rogers announced, “Stream Saver” a new data manager feature that limits video streaming quality so that users can save more data. Last week on Tuesday, the feature was launched for desktop users and soon it will hit the MyRogers iOS App in the Apple Play Store.

On enabling the app on the desktop or on a smartphone, the Stream Saver will limit the video streaming quality from high definition to standard definition. Rogers mentioned the app will allow its users to watch 18 minutes of standard quality video on YouTube, versus 6 minutes for HD – by making use of the same amount of data.

Rogers’s website describes the feature as – Stream Saver allows you to watch up to 3 times more video with the same amount of data that is in your current plan. By streaming content that it recognizes as video in standard instead of high definition quality (where available), you’ll get to enjoy more of what you love on your smartphone or tablet. You can turn it on or off at any time and you can choose which lines on your account use Stream Saver. Make sure you update your MyRogers app so you always have the latest features.


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