Home News Recent Report by Accenture Found That Canadians Want More Regulations on Emerging Technology
Recent Report by Accenture Found That Canadians Want More Regulations on Emerging Technology

Recent Report by Accenture Found That Canadians Want More Regulations on Emerging Technology


According to recent study conducted by Accenture, it was found that Canadians expects more regulatory overview on emerging technology. In this survey, the result showed that more than 40% out of 100% participation said that government must priorities drones carrying cameras whereas 38% of the participation opposed self driving vehicles and also added that all the online user agreements needs proper supervision.

Technological up-gradation does have a positive effect on lifestyle, environment and health of people therefore most of the people are adapting towards such changes more frequently. It can also open more opportunities in employment sector, which is also the major reason that most of the Canadians who participated in the poll thinks that the government should take certain steps to reduce or cut through certain technologies.

More than half of the people who participated in the polls also stated that government should not impose certain restrictions on video & music streaming websites. Many other wants government to not to participate much in connected homes, social media and artificial intelligence.

However when it comes to younger Canadians and baby boomers, it will be no surprise saying that boomers want more regulations as compared with that of any other age groups. Given below is the list of some major techy areas that Canadians want to be regulated:-

  • Drones & Autonomous Vehicles (64%)
  • Ride Sharing Services such as Uber (54%)
  • Crypto Currencies such as Altcoins and Bitcoins (49%)
  • Online Agreements (46%)

The current regulations for emerging tech includes:-

  1. Marc Garneau (current transportation minister) two months before in March 2017 announced new safety restrictions on recreational drones. He also added that a fine of up to $3,000 can be imposed to offenders.
  2. When we talk about autonomous vehicles, issue of regulations is a bit delicate. Thus it is regulated at provincial level.
  3. Municipalities handle regulations in terms of short term home sharing apps for example Airbnb. Major cities of Canada such as Toronto and Vancouver are about to progress with that.
  4. For usage of crypto currencies such as Altcoins and Bitcoins, Canada don’t have any specific rules.

Do let us know your suggestions in case you also want to regulate any emerging tech.


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