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Razer Gaming Smartphone Could Be Out ‘End of the Year

Razer Gaming Smartphone Could Be Out ‘End of the Year


Gaming and mobile phones were once a seldom-used pairing. We’ve always loved playing small-scale intriguing games whenever we could. Much has changed since then, and we have yet another wave of innovations on our hands. Looks like Razer will be leading that wave.

The gaming peripheral and laptop makers decided they wanted the smartphone market too. Not long ago, their CEO announced that a gaming smartphone is in the works. That day, the world collectively rejoiced. As the dust slowly settles, this move seems more and more monumental by the minute.

Pulling off such a move may have a great echo for future gaming endeavors. This idea has floated around for many years, but nobody seemed to make it happen correctly. Razer looks like the ideal company for the job.

With a premium array of equipment, they sure have the resources for the move. Let’s take a look at the details and the significance of the project.

A tough area to succeed in

Let’s be real – smartphones are indeed pocket computers. We don’t use them merely for communication. Texting and calling are now seen as peripheral functions of our devices. Every single model on the market prides itself on one of two things – innovation or stability. Only the premium manufacturers can grasp both facets. Razer surely has the potential to do so.

They’re venturing into a vastly unexplored area. As amazing as it sounds, they won’t be the first to release a gaming phone. You may recall Nokia’s N-gage and Sony’s Xperia Play. Were these devices revolutionary? Sure, nobody is disputing that. However, they all fell victim to bad timing. The early years of the last decade didn’t have gaming at such a high place as it is now. People were skeptical to buy and invest. Thankfully, for gamers and humankind as a whole, the situation is much different now.

The right moment

Canada could be right at the beginning of the release wave. It’s always been a frontrunner in the gaming scene. In a world where gaming tournaments fill arenas and stadiums, Canada has always had a spot to be envious of. It’s simply the best moment for such a release.

Gaming is no more a leisure activity. It’s become a real-life profession. Children are training to become the best from an early age. They race to invest in the best possible hardware to be able to compete with their peers. All this will soar even more when combined with convenience.

Hardcore gaming is strongly tied to PCs. A smartphone will indeed bring forth the factor of convenience. Gamers will be free to practice and hone they craft anywhere and everywhere. Plus, there is nothing better than the fact that a premium manufacturer is at the helm of the project.

Rumors and speculations are swirling

Indeed they are. The first question is always concerning the price, at least for the most of us. Razer has always produced premium peripherals. This can directly point to the fact that the smartphone will also sell at a premium price. With a reputation like Razer’s, such a move is totally justified.

Another question floating around is the manufacturing one. Who will they get the parts from? Some industry insiders have had their weigh-in on this.

A certain number of them think Razer will go solo. This is an ambitious move for a maiden-smartphone. Of course, we’re talking about an experienced tech company. Nevertheless, they have no experience in the smartphone market whatsoever.

At almost $2000 in price, that was a success. They collaborated with Microsoft, NVIDIA and Intel in a furious setup. That’s why a repeated collaboration is the most likely option.

What to expect?

When it comes to Razer, insanity should always be an expectation. Qualcomm is sure to provide them with a vicious processor, an innovative one for sure. Moreover, you should be able to afford them. An advantage is that this is after all, a gaming SMARTPHONE. Carriers like Telus will get in on the fun.

Expect big, but economic plans in the beginning period. Something to expect are lots of gigabytes and a powerful battery. We are anxious to see what Razer has in store. It’s about to be an explosion for sure.


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