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Putin: Whoever Rules AI Rules The World

Putin: Whoever Rules AI Rules The World


Russian President Vladimir Putin last week just said that whoever rules AI will rule the world.

According to Vladimir Putin “the next battle will be around AI” whoever is the first to dominate AI will be the “leader of the world. The Russian president told students that “the future belongs to artificial intelligence”. However, he did not hide that he feared potential threats.

He was addressing students at “Knowledge Day” in Russia and during that event he expressed his view that “Artificial Intelligence is a future not only for Russia, but for all humanity,” and he does not want anyone to “monopolize” AI technology and said that Russia would share his knowledge with the “whole world” in the same way that it shares its nuclear technology.

Artificial Intelligence is provoking a wide variety of reactions among those who are working day and night to develop break through AI technology: the CEO of the electric car brand Tesla Elon Musk regards it as a major threat to the future of mankind. According to him AI will be the “most likely cause of the third world war”. Musk speculates that an AI might launch a preemptive attack if it decides that the attack first is the “most likely path to victory”.

However facebook CEO differ from Elon Musk. Mark Zuckerberg has very high hope for AI technology for humanity.

Opportunities and Threats

In recent years, governments and companies have been heavily investing this AI technology: the United States and China are leading the way, artificial intelligence has become a national security issue, and China does not hide its ambitions to become the leader in artificial intelligence research by 2030. And many analysts seem worried about the cuts made by the Trump administration in the funds of basic scientific and technological research. The delay by the United States could prove dangerous in the long term.

Vladimir predicted: “When the drones of one country are destroyed by the drones of another camp, there will be no choice but to surrender.”

The Russian president’s speech was broadcast in all parts of the country. Schoolchildren from all over Russia were invited to the event.




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